ImmersionRC Tiny Telemetry

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ImmersionRC Tiny Telemetry


The ImmersionRC Tiny Telemetry system has been designed for First Person View applications when space is very tight; the ImmersionRC Tiny Telemetry systems are small, lightweight and are supplied with a miniature current sensor. The Tiny Telemetry current sensor will work up to a 6S pack voltage at a maximum of 50A of current draw. The Tiny Telemetry is not an on screen display, it is for use with the EZ Antenna Tracker system and will relay back information to the ground via an audio channel. If you need an on screen display of battery voltage, distance from home and other information then an EZ OSD On Screen Display system would be needed.


The Tiny Telemetry has a GPS unit pre-installed which is a sensitive 10Hz receiver, offering 10Hz positional data updates which can be used with ImmersionRC EZ Antenna Tracker V2 to give the best range and video quality for you FPV setup when using one of the following parts with your FPV Video goggles or screen receiver, ImmersionRC Spiro Net 5.8GHz Circular Polarized antennas and the ImmersionRC SpiroNet 5.8 GHz Patch Antenna, both of these will increase the video range over the standard 3dBi 5.8 Ghz Omni-directional antennas supplied as standard when fitted to either the ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz 25 mW Transmitter or the ImmersionRC 600 mW 5.8 GHz Long Range Transmitter.


For the lightest of planes the current sensor can be omitted and the battery will be monitored for voltage alone, the Tiny Telemetry system comes supplied with all cables needed to connect directly to one of the ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz transmitters. If you choose to install the current sensor you will need to solder the leads supplied to the board and install the board into your plane / multi rotor, please note that it is recommended to use a heat shrink wrapping to protect against shorts once the current sensor has been tested before installation in the air frame.


The Tiny Telemetry system is powered from a 5 volt supply, this will normally come from a spare receiver channel or a 5 volt BEC unit if you don’t have a spare channel to use.




  • Small, light weight, fits on the smallest of FPV planes.

  • 10Hz GPS receiver, offering 10Hz positional data updates.

  • Requires 5V/6V power, for example from a spare servo channel.

  • No interference with sensitive RC equipment by design.

  • Optional current sensor use offering up to 6S pack voltage and 50A current monitoring.

  • Real time tracking on a PC equipped with Google Earth and on the iPhone with the iTelemetry application.

  • Industry standard USB connector allows for simple upgrades and setting changes.

  • Weight: 12-grams, optional current sensor: 2-grams.

  • Size: 55 x 15 x 10 mm.


Tiny Telemtry Manual


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