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Being an online based store it is often hard to gauge whether the seller you are purchasing from can be trusted, so we have assembled some customer reviews to display what customers think of us.


“Despite being a newbie to drones and never having made a purchase there, BYOD gave me loads of time on the phone and lots of help. Great service, great prices. Thank you! Loving the new Mavic!”

Ben Paterson (Facebook Page)


“Well what can I say apart from brilliant service. I ordered an ImmersionRC EzUhf Tx which went walk about in the post, when I spoke to Martin he could not have been more helpful. Sent another one immediately which arrived today. Brilliant service and will use again. Thanks.”

Martin Gough (Facebook Page)


“What a great service!!! Ordered a new LIPO and a new motor for my DJI450 yesterday afternoon, and although they didn't have a 4200mah battery initially, they went all the way to get me one delivered TODAY!! Thank you guys!! ”  

Yozen van der Elzen (Facebook Page)


“I have been dealing with BYOD for 18 months or so now. They are without a doubt the most helpful drone supplies company in the UK. We often talk on the phone and they always sort out all my technical issues. Both Mike and Martin are extremely helpful and very knowledgeable with all drone related questions. Products are very well packaged and always arrive on time and often the next day (even when I have not requested next day delivery). I will not be using any other supply company for the foreseeable future as BYOD tick all the boxes (and more!!).”

Highline Vision Ltd (Trust Pilot)


“I spoke with Martin - who was extremely helpful and well informed. BYOD are the first company I'd use for my Quadcopter supplies.”

Davy Drysdale (Trust Pilot)


DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ With Extra Battery

Product Review (submitted on 6 November 2014):

Amazing service from buildyourowndrone. As with Martin, ordered late Friday afternoon, delivered Saturday morning. Mike who dealt with my order is such a great guy. Excellent customer service and so helpful with great advice as its my first drone! If you have any probs with Paypal as I did, then please call them like I did as you won't be disappointed. As for the Phantom 2 Vision + it's an amazing drone which is so easy to fly. As long as you follow the setting up instructions with compass then you can't go wrong. If you get a bit lost with the controls, just let go and it will hover!! So easy and your skills to master it will come very quickly. A little expensive but you won't regret it. And if you can, get 1 or 2 extra batteries as you can spend more time off the ground & in the air with it. Thank you so much again Mike, another very happy customer.A shley


DJI E300 Motor CCW

Product Review (submitted on 4 November 2014):

These motors are simple and cheap, and work very well. Together with the matched ESC and prop they are very efficient, easy to use and provide excellent flying time and response. as the ESCs are essentially custom configured for this motor they never lose sync and only get warm if used max throttle with 4S. Service from BYOD is superb as always. There was a mistake with the order (CW instead of CCW) and I got the correct motor delivered the next day. Excellent.

DJI NAZA M Lite V1.1 With GPS

Product Review (submitted on 3 November 2014):

Always a pleasure to deal with this Company.Very helpful Fast and efficient Service.Very reasonable prices. Thank You.


DJI Naza M V2 GPS + F450 Flame Wheel E300 + Landing Legs

Product Review (submitted on 14 October 2014):

After buying a cheap quad and having issues getting the replacement parts after a crash I decided to spend the extra money and get a better know brand.
I was able to pick the kit up direct from BYOD as I live close by and all involved were friendly and helpful with a knowledge base that allows them to answer any questions.
The kit was well put together and reasonably easy to build but the highlight was the software from the internet and connection with the quad, this was so simple to do and set up I was up and away in no time.  With the added assistance from the GPS I now have great confidence in flying my quad and with the Fatshark kit I picked up as well I am getting some great video.
Big thanks to all at BYOD.


DJI Zenmuse H3-3D GoPro Brushless Gimbal

Product Review (submitted on 13 October 2014):

Once again Martin and his team have provided an amazing service, especially considering the problems I had with payment - the banks fault not either of ours - great advice around the product, including the fitting to my F550. The Gimbal itself is fantastic, took it up for a couple of flights in windy conditions and seeing the Hex bobbing around trying to stay steady, watching the footage back you would not have been able to tell. Only slight critique I have for the product is the safety pins they put in for the Gimbal, there does not seem to be any real need for them or proper instruction on the web. I ended up putting them on the wrong way round and had to cut them off. No biggy but maybe a thought is needed for the instruction manual online.

Cheers once again guys,

Can't wait to get some new toys from you!



DJI Naza M V2 GPS + F550 Flame Wheel E300 + Landing Legs

Product Review (submitted on 12 October 2014):

Was really pleased with level of personal service and offer of further assistance if required. Will definitely be making repeat use of them to purchase further products.


DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ With Extra Battery

Product Review (submitted on 12 October 2014):

Having moved up from the P1 the enhancement offered by a camera gimbal shouldn't be underestimated (as I did initially). The picture stability is a revelation, and the vastly extended flight time opens up new possibilities, especially coupled with the extended telemetry info. And the quick and easy swap-out of the intelligent LiPo also makes life much easier. Martin, Mike and all the BYOD team are an absolute pleasure to deal with. My P2V+ ordered Friday afternoon - delivered Saturday morning!. Can't get better than that! If you want real customer service then give them a call.


DJI Phantom Replacement Propeller Nut Black

Product Review (submitted on 8 October 2014):

After wanting to replace my origional F450 propellers I required replacement nuts, a quick email to the guys at BYOD and a speedy responce and my requirements were sorted. The nuts were ordered with a few other items and delivered within 24 Hours.  You cant beet this type of service.


ImmersionRC SpiroNet 5.8 GHz Circular Polarized Antennas

Review (submitted on 8 October 2014):

What can I say? On placing my order just after 3PM I recieve an email letting me know the items are in the post, less than 24 hours later my wife calls to say the items have arrived. I can not commend this speed of service enough.  As for the antenna, a good piece of kit, well priced and a big improvement over the standard Fatshark items I was using.


DJI Zenmuse H3-3D GoPro Brushless Gimbal

Review (submitted on 7 October 2014):

Once again Martin and his team have come out on top. The service is excellent and delivery very very good, I ordered on Tuesday and got in next day. I use this company for 90% of parts and was using them before the Phantom and DJI were still in it's pram. A well recommended company and most of the time if they do not supply then it is not on the market. Make these people you first choice and put in the favourite page. their help is just a phone call away, use it. As you can tell from this review I rate them very highly. A top company.


ImmersionRC SpiroNet 5.8 GHz Circular Polarized Antennas

Review (submitted on 9 October 2014):

All my orders from this company come next day, excellent service. These antennas are a reasonable price and nicely made. The covers that protect the actual wire antenna are really good to protect against crashes/props, and the bendable semi-rigid cables are an excellent idea.


DJI E300 Motor CW

Review (submitted on 6 October 2014):

Smashed original motor on F450. Ordered replacement, and received 100% next day. Fitted, and F450 flies again! Brilliant service....will use again in future!


DJI S800 Evo Frame arm CCW

Review (submitted on 2 September 2014):

First class service from these guys. Expert friendly advice, great communication and super fast shipping. Absolute pleasure doing business and would recommend byod to anyone else.


ImmersionRC FPV Power Box AV Groundstation V2

Review (submitted on 17 August 2014):

An excellent small but useful item, fast delivery and very reasonable postage as usual from BYOD.


DJI Naza M V2 GPS + F550 Flame Wheel E300 + Landing Legs

Review (submitted on 1 August 2014):

I bought this in early July and had great un assembling it. You will need a 2mm hexagon driver (worth getting a good one, preferably a ball driver as the screws are quite tiny). You may also need some thread lock (I used Loctite 243) and liquid insulation tape is great for covering the exposed pads after soldering the ESCs. (I used Performix liquid tape, available from Plastidip) A good soldering iron is essential. The ESC power leads are a little on the long side, and the prepared end is for the E300 base plate (not supplied) and needs stripping back to accommodate the wider pad spacing on the 550 base plate. If you are doing that, you might as well trim the cable back to a more suitable length. Be careful if you do this, the shielded cable needs care in preparation and you need to ensure there are no loose strands.

The NAZA M2 performs well. However, don't do what I did which was set low limits on the altitude and range - it makes the 'copter unstable sometimes prevented take of. Again full marks to BYOD customer services for guiding me through that issue.

In flight this seems quieter than a friend's f550 with the 30A ESCs, but otherwise performance is similar. I get about 15 minutes gentle flying time from a 4S 4,200mAh LiPo battery. This is without any additional payload - eventually it will have a Zenmuse gimbal and a GoPro.


DJI Zenmuse H3-3D Mounting Adapter for Flame Wheel F450

Review (submitted on 19 July 2014)

Delivery could not be better came next day. Allows gimbal to fit without obstruction. Only bad point does not come with fitting instructions,would have been nice to have been supplied with gimbal or given a choice of airframe fitting......


ImmersionRC SpiroNet 5.8 GHz Circular Polarized Antennas

Review (submitted on 15 July 2014):

Can not fault these guys at all. Rapid delivery and very competitively priced. Will be using again


Futaba T8J 8 Channel 2.4 GHz FHSS & R2008SB

Review (submitted on 1 July 2014):

Great customer support and very fast delivery.


Futaba T8J 8 Channel 2.4 GHz FHSS & R2008SB

Review (submitted on 18 April 2014):

Being a past Futaba user the quality of this unit doesn't disappoint me at all. Good, solid switching and easy to set up, clear display that I have stuck a mobile phone screen protector over to look after it. Highly recommend the controller, and the service from BYOD.


Ardupilot Mega Minim OSD Rev 1.1

Review (submitted on 5 August 2013):

One again, outstanding and very firiendly customer support. The item is quickly shipped and neatly packed. Definitely the place to shop! Highly recommended.


DJI F550 Flame Wheel Hexacopter Frame

Review (submitted on 5 August 2013):

Fast delivery and best professional service of all the RC shops I've bought from. Genuine item too and not a spurious copy as I've found from other. Thanks for everything Martin and your personal attention. Regards Matt the Anorak :-)