Servo Switch V10

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V10 Servo Swith / Camera Trigger

This V10 Servo Switch board is open-source and was developed to help take aerial pictures. The theory of operation is very simple, it's just an Attiny45 micro controller which reads and decodes the PWM signal coming from any free channel on your receiver, this then enables you to trigger the on board low-power relay to activate anything that you need, from landing lights to digital cameras! As this is open-source, you can download the firmware and tweak it to meet your own needs. The V10 Servo Switch comes preloaded with the latest firmware, so is ready to use!
The v10 servo switch is incredibly small, uses very low power. It features a status indicator LED and has an operation voltage range of 4.5V to 5.5V. The relay has a rating of 2A at 30Volts
Please Note: The terminal block and the servo cable are included but are not soldered, just in case you want to different use.

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