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Professional aerial photographer? First person view drone racer or a hobbyist who likes to build in your spare time? Or maybe you are just starting out with the hobby and not sure where to start, a self-build or the ready to fly the drone from the shelf?

The dedicated team at Build Your Own Drone Ltd share your passion for flying, drone racing, aerial photography and building UAV & Drones from the smallest entry level system to the high-end professional aerial photography platforms. With a combined knowledge of over 40 years’ experience in building, repairing and flying aerial systems, you can rely on us for the best support and advice. Here are just a few of the comments clients have left for us: 

"The customer service provided by these guys is second to none. They give excellent advice and nothing is too much trouble. If it ain't needed then they will not try to sell it to you. Buy with confidence. I have got to say this is one of the best customer service experiences I have had ever! Fantastic job guys. Keep up the good work. I shall buy again that's for sure."

"Amazing service and a comforting level of help and guidance that has been truly appreciated. Not just wanting to take my money, they advised me to spend less than I was planning to spend on my first drone from BYOD and put my best interests above their pockets. My new "go to" shop for drones!!!"

"Bought my first kit drone. Very helpful Staff. Will definitely be using again. Thanks, all"

Build Your Own Drone was born from a combination of professional and personal passions for, Radio Controlled hobbies, electronic technology and an events photography company in 2009. Searching for a way to stand out from the crowded event photography space an idea was conceived, combine a camera with a helicopter, what could go wrong!

With no off the shelf solution on the market that did not cost 100’s of thousands of pounds at that time. A new and unique position to gain an edge over other photographers from an aerial perspective looked beyond reach. Build Your Own Drone was “born” in 2010 and started building and supplying parts to fellow photographers and a growing DIY community of drone builders at price points which were starting from only few hundred pounds not £100’s of thousands.

Today Build Your Own Drone Ltd has grown to be one of the biggest, most respected and best independent drone retailers for cutting edge technology in first person view, DIY drone building, drone racing, hobby and professional photography industry. The combination of passion, understanding and continual innovation has kept us at the front of an ever-changing industry with a deep understanding of the latest technologies on offer. We are specialists and a tier 1 dealer for DJI, the world’s largest drone company. We welcome any questions, are always happy to offer advice on which drone you need to enjoy your hobby or undertake a professional job. 

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