Udi Glede WiFi FPV With HD Camera

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The UDI Glede with WiFi is the latest UDI quadcopter to give you a First Person View experience. The UDI A-U842 WiFi allows the pilot to see the view from the on board camera through your phone screen as you pilot the UDI Glede. All that you need to do is down load the App & bind your phone to the Glede Wi-Fi signal, and the video is instantly transmitted to the App (works with iPhone and Andriod). The UDI Glede can be controlled with either your phone screen using the touch screen or you can clip your phone on to the included transmitter allowing traditional control while you view the live video feed as you fly.

The live video feed allows you to frame photos or shoot video while on the move, the HD camera captures video in 1280 x 720 @ 30 fps. The camera will store your video to the on-board SD card to view later. You can control all of the UDI Glede functions through the app, even starting and stopping video recording at the touch of the button, it has never been easier to fly and film with a UDI quadcopter. The 6 axis Gyro installed in the UDI Glede works to hold the craft in a stable position while giving the pilot a high level of control.

When using the supplied prop guards the UDI Glede will be able to take small knocks and bangs while you fly in tight spaces, light encounters with walls and funiture will not stop the Glede from flying, the tough construction of this lightweight quadcopter means that you can lean to fly no matter the weather.

Supplied with the UDI Glede is a powerful Lipo battery needed to fly, this battery will give flight times of upto 8 min's and can be charged quickly to enable the most flight time possible. The battery can be charged from a standard phone charger. The Glede is fitted with a low battery alarm so you know when to land, change and charge the flight battery.

The Return to pilot function on the UDI Glede acts as an additional fail safe when you are flying, when the craft returns to home it will allow you to take control once again, you can either land or continue you flying.

Stunts with the UDI Glede are easy, at the push of a button you can flip or roll through 360 degrees, there is no other skills required than pushing the button and letting the Glede know which way to do the flip or roll.

Headless mode allows you the option to remove confusion on the orientation of the craft, the Glede will always fly forward when you push forward or back when you pull back on the stick regardless if the craft is pointing in any direction, this feature is very useful when leaning to fly a quadcopter.

The UDI Glede is very easy to fly and can be assembled in minutes. Take your UDI Glede with you on your next adventure to explore new horizons.

Supplied in the box:

  • U842Wifi Quadcopter

  • 2.4GHz LCD Controller

  • Battery USB Charger

  • 4GB Micro SD Card

  • SD Card Reader

  • Spare Propellers (1 set of 4)

  • Lipo Battery (1)

  • Instruction Manual


  • Length 468mm

  • Width 468mm

  • Height 122mm

  • Weight 350 Grams

  • Gyro 6 Axis

  • Battery 2s 7.4 Volts

  • FPV System iPhone or Android


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