TBS Oblivion RTF Set

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The TBS Oblivion RTF package comes with everything you need to get airborne in the quickest possible time with the minimum amount of effort. The TBS Oblivion RTF comes supplied in a stylish protective carrying case, this make the transportation and storage of the TBS Oblivion, TBS Crossfire long range R/C control system easy. Supplied with an easy-to-use charger and the necessary battery its never been easier to take up drone racing, long range and freestyle flying.

Built from a virtually unbreakable custom material mix, the TBS Oblivion RTF not only protects all of your electronics, but also ensures the structure maintains its shape after impacts. The manufacturing process was a tedious research process, a careful balancing act between rigidigty, durability and weight was of the most importance. The end result is a sleek, highly aerodynamic, ultra durable, long-range, racing or freestyle drone that will not disappoint.

In less than 10 minutes the TBS Oblivion RTF can be ready for flight from the box. It's great for beginners, there is very little prep to be done, and you don't need years of experiencing in building and tuning to enjoy the TBS Oblivion. That is the promise of both the PNP and the RTF Set TBS Oblivion. The Velocidrone FPV simulator has the model pre-installed inside, so you can practice from the comfort of your home before heading to your local field and flying for real.

One of the key features of the TBS Oblivion is the that, the whole drone is built from countless self-contained parts working together for a unified user experience. With just the right amount of exposure to the inner workings of a modern racing drone, anyone can start their adventure into this incredible hobby. Parts can be replaced and repaired without soldering, keeping bench tinkering time to a minimum ensuring more time spent flying!

For those who already own their own Radio Control equipment the TBS Oblivion PNP package option may be a better option. 



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