DJI Innovations Wookong M, DJI A2, DJI NAZA M Lite v1.1 With GPS , Naza M V2 With GPS FAQ's:    

Welcome to the DJI Innovations Support Section of BYOD. BYOD is an Official Partner for DJI Innovations, we have the full backing of DJI with access to their technical assistance teams on all of their autopilot systems. We deliver the very best in advice and customer support on the DJI Wookong M Multi Rotor Controller, DJI A2 M, Naza M Lite v1.1 and DJI Naza M V2 GPS Flight Controller systems. BYOD have been building and delivering bespoke Autonomous systems since 2010 using the multi rotor flight systems from DJI, the Wookong M for Professional users and Naza M Lite v1.1 or Naza M V2 GPS Flight Controllers for the hobby flyers. BYOD have the experience to achieve the very best in performance from the RTF Phantom 2 system fun flyers through the Flame Wheel range to the professional, DJI Spreading Wings S900 HexaCopter and DJI S1000 Octocopter  from DJI.

We have placed the most frequently asked questions on the Wookong M, A2 and the Naza M systems here for quick reference, please choose one from the sub categories below. We hope that these FAQ's will help with the everyday questions asked about the systems, if there is a question that is not answered or you are a little unsure which system would be right for you, your applications, requirements or any other assistance with the DJI Innovations products please use the contact us form, we will be happy to assist you from concept to completion of your aerial solution.

DJI Wookong M FAQ's


DJI Naza M Lite & DJI Naza M V2 FAQ's