Strix Nano Goblin FPV Plank Wing PNP

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The Strix Nano Goblin FPV Plank Wing PNP breaks the trend of a market filled with compromising fixed wing FPV designs, with the Strix Nano Goblin FPV Plank, It was an endeavor to design an aircraft without flaws. When you design something which has inherent stability, it may not be as efficient. A design might be exceedingly fast, but also prone to tip stalls at slower speeds, the list goes on, however, when an aircraft design is done right, and the best attributes collide, it becomes legendary. The Strix Nano Goblin is straightforward to launch, steady in winds, extraordinarily efficient, and unwilling to drop a wing in a stall. One glance over the specifications list for the Strix Nano Goblin and you will realize that this aircraft is truly one of a kind!

With flight times over 60 minutes possible from the box, the Strix Nano Goblin is extraordinarily efficient with a wingspan that allows you to transport it fully ready to fly, it will fit on the front seat of an small car. With the Strix 3200mAH Li-ion battery flights have been seen upto 92 minutes and 40.2 miles have been achieved with this design and the lightest gear possible!

Lightweight & quiet, the Strix Nano Goblin weighs in around 225g and comes completely built, right out of the box! The Nano Goblin cruises at practically a whisper so you can fly while not attracting a lot of attention.Simply add your receiver, charge up your battery, and complete your pre-flight check before you take to the skys. Your box includes a handle as well as extra internal compartments so it can be reused for safe travel.




The Strix Nano Goblin is made from EPP which is has great durability. The Strix team sacrificed over 50 original Nano Goblins to make sure the perfect molding temperature was acheieved, in order to ensure that each plane going forward was properly formed for the best durability. The main spar is a 3mm square and travels down the wing well past the servos to give sufficient support. In addition to the main spar, additional carbon fiber is located in each elevon as well as the main body, forward of the motor.  

Powered by Cobra, the Strix Nano Goblin has a 1407 3500kv motor, this provides efficiency, reliability, and performance to get your Nano Goblin moving! The 10 Amp ESC was designed specifically for this plane with light weight in mind. Cobra also gave it a 2 Amp switching BEC so you can comfortably power more than just your servos and receiver. 

Flying the Strix Nano Goblin has been likened to a micro fighter jet. It has no tendency to keep rolling after a control input and prefers to keep going where it was last pointed, without the nose wandering over the horizon. This aircraft stalls gracefully and simply dips its nose. Rolls are on the center axis and it can practically turn onto itself when you need to avoid the next tree line. The Nano Goblin also does not need absolutely perfect conditions to fly well, it remains stable with very little wing wag.


  • Wingspan: 580mm

  • Wing Area: ~140" sq

  • Length: 390mm

  • Weight: 200-250g (Ready to fly with FPV and battery)

  • Motor: STRIX Cobra 1407 3500KV

  • ESC: STRIX Cobra 10A with 2A UBEC

  • Servos: STRIX Emax ES9051 Digital

  • Prop: Gemfan Flash 3 Blade 3052 (APC 4.1 x 4.1 can also be used)

  • Battery: Li-ion 2s 3200mAH or Li-Po 1500-1800mAH 2s

  • Top Speed: 60mph on stock propeller or 70mph with APC 4.1x4.1(2s li-ion, verified by radar on several passes)

  • Flight time - Varies with battery, but we typically see 40-50 minutes when having fun using the Li-ion packs, and over 60 is easily possible. 



  • 1x Fully Assembled PNP Nano Goblin

  • 1x CW, 1x CCW Gemfan Flash 3 Blade 3052 Propeller

  • 1x Quick setup guide

  • 1x Reusable box with a plastic handle (Fits in an airline overhead!) 



  • 4 Channel RC transmitter and receiver

  • Flight battery

  • FPV gear (optional)


  • STRIX Power Stix 3200mAh 2S 18650 Li-ion - XT30 Or Equivalent

Cobra 10A ESC User Guide



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