Scout 3 Carbon Fiber Quadcopter Kit

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Regular Price: £327.60

Special Price Excl. VAT: £245.00 Incl. VAT: £294.00

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The Scout 3 Carbon Fiber UAV is designed to be rugged and have the ability for long flight times.



The Scout's airframe is made out of carbon fiber, which provides a very strong yet lightweight airframe.


The airframe features a modular design for future capabilities. Each frame plate has pre-drilled holes for mounting a Ardupilot Mega, wireless camera, sonar sensor and other accessories.

The battery bay can accommodate two 11.1v 3000 mAh batteries or smaller.



User Guide and build instructions for Scout 3 UAV



This kit includes:

  • 1 Carbon Fibre Airframe.

  • 4 ESC's.

  • 4 Motors

  • 4 Propellers (2 cw 2 ccw)

  • Power distribution cable with XT60 connectors and one XT60 connector for a battery.

  • Mounting hardware for the Flight Controller.

Note: kit is shipped unassembled. Everything comes already soldered. It is recommended to balance the prop's before flying.



  • Airframe supports:Plus and X flying modes

  • Dimension: 17.75" x 17.75" (diagonal) x 4.5" / 3.25" - (451mm x 451mm (diagonal) x 114.3mm / 82.55mm)

  • Flying Weight (airframe, motors, ESC's, propellers, ArduPilot Mega, IMU and cables - no battery):700g

  • Total Payload Capacity (shared with battery weight):600g

  • Average Flight Time: 14 minutes with one 11.1v 3000mAh battery

  • 25 minutes with two 11.1v 3000mAh batteries

You will still need a flight controller, sensor board (IMU), cables to connect the flight controller to the radio, a radio and battery.


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