RaceFlight Spark 4 in1 ESC With D Shot And Multishot BlHeli S

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Regular Price: £50.00

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The RaceFlight Spark 4 in1 ESC is a set of 4 15A ESC which are D Shot ready and are running the latest BlHeli_S firmware, the slim lightweight form allows for much cleaner builds in tight spaces seen in racing drones, laid out in the traditional format of 20mm x 20mm mounting hole spacing the RaceFlight Spark will fit straight in with most smaller racing drone frames and flight controllers, this makes for a very small electronic stack.

The RaceFlight Spark electronic speed controllers are capable of D shot and Multishot giving you the fast response times you need on either your racing drone or freestyle quad, being able to deliver bursts of 20A per ESC for the more demanding racing drone pilots it is also able to accept a range of LiPo battery inputs, from 2-4s so no matter the LiPo pack you use you are always going to get the best performance from RaceFlight Spark.

With the built in current sensor that hooks up directly to the RaceFlight Millivolt you will be able to see mAh information displayed on the the FPV video feed. The Spark also features a 5 Volt regulator capable of delivering 3A continuous output for LED's And FPV equipment.


  • 20mm x 20mm mounting hole spacing

  • 15A continuous draw per motor / ESC

  • 20A burst per motor / ESC

  • BlHeli_S

  • 5V voltage regulator capable of 3A continuous output

  • D-Shot ready

  • 4s – 4s compatible

  • Built in Current Sensor

  • Pins to Flight controller

  • Current and Voltage sent to flight controller

  • Easy Install

  • High quality components


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