QAV180 Carbon Fiber Mini Quadcopter Frame

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Excl. VAT: £14.65 Incl. VAT: £17.58
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This QAV180 FPV Carbon Fiber mini race quadcopter is a clone of the popular Lumenier QAV180 and has many of the same features but in a cheaper package. This frame is ideal for a beginner who wants a quad with good design but not necessarily the cost of spare parts if, when, they crash it. The whole frame is machined out of high quality carbon fiber, the main unibody is 3mm thick so that it remains intact even through the harshest of crashes whereas the top plate is made of 2mm carbon fibre because it isn’t in the impact zone, this helps to reduce the overall weight of the frame and keep it to a mere 85g.

As this airframe is designed for FPV the QAV180 has a shielded front area to house your FPV camera and to help protect it from any damage during the unfortunate event of a crash. The four pre-drilled 32mm x 32mm holes mean that you can mount any small form factor flight controller such as the Naze32 10 DOF and power distribution board such as the lumenier 4 power quick swap PDB quickly and easily with no modifictions.

This frame is designed to be as small as possible whilst still comfortably accepting 4” props and 22 or 18mm size motors, such as the Lumenier 2204 2500kV Skitzo motors or the Lumneier 1806 2500kV. As well as this it will happily carry an external HD camera whilst still carrying either 3 or 4s batteries up to 1600mAh.


  • Wheelbase: 180mm

  • Frame Weight: 85g

  • Max Prop Size: 4”

  • Material: 3K Carbon Fiber


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