Multiplex Funjet Ultra 6S ARTF

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The FunJet Ultra from Multiplex is one of the fastest aeroplanes in its class, you can expect a regular FunJet Ultra from the box to reach speeds upto 130 MPH, however we have taken the standard FunJet Ultra and given it a extra boost of power with a 6S LiPo battery setup, matched motor & ESC for a higher top end speed of upto 170 MPH+.

Many modellers enjoy the standard FunJet Ultra however they are not all satisfied with the performance, this is why we've put together the FunJet Ultra 6S ARTF. If you enjoy fast flying, tight turns and unlimited climb outs you will really enjoy this aeroplanes performance. The FunJet Ultra 6S ARTF model gives you the ultimate combination of speed and precision when performing aerobatic manoeuvres. The parts for fuselage, wings and fins are made from moulded ELAPOR, which is a very strong high density foam which allows for high speed flights. The airframe has had carbon inlays and upgrades to the hindges to add aditional durablity and control while flying at speeds in excess of 200 MPH.



  • Climb rate upto 8000ft / min

  • Power in cruise 4 to 5 Amp's @ Approx 55 MPH

  • Flight time upto 20 min's (cruise power)

Each MultiPlex FunJet Ultra 6S ARTF is built to order and delivered within 5 working days, if you would like your radio equipment installed so it is ready to fly from the box please contact us and we will be happy to help.

The FunJet Ultra 6S ARTF is supplied pre-built and tested, ready for flight after you install a RX to match your radio.


Parts supplied:

  • 6s Lipo Battries (95c 2.6Ah)

  • 6s Motor 2600Kv

  • Funjet Ultra Airframe (built)

  • 150A ESC

  • Propeller




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