Lumenier 4Power Mini PDB Power Distribution Board

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Lumenier 4Power Mini PDB

The Lumenier 4Power Mini PDB is a 36mm simple power distribution board designed for small racing quadcopters. The board uses the standard 32mm mounting hole pattern, which is common to most flight controllers to allow easy installation to most airframes. The

Lumenier 4Power Mini PDB has an integrated location to solder an additional voltage regulator, the Pololu voltage regulators will fit directly to these boards using a set of pin headers, allowing you to regulate the voltage going to other electronics like radio controllers or LED strips. The PDB is supplied without wires or Pololu voltage regulator.


  • 36mm square PDB with 32mm mounting holes.

  • 1.75mm thick

  • 2oz copper traces to support high amperage use from 2-4s LiPo batteries.


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