Lumenier LayerLens Lens Protection For GoPro Hero 3 Or 4

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Lumenier LayerLens Lens Protection For GoPro Hero 3 Or 4

This LayerLens protection for the GoPro 3 & 4 Hero camers is the newest revision of the LayerLen. The LayerLens for the GoPro 3 & 4 cameras series features a hard anti-reflective ("AR") coated lens, the lens has an anti-smudge coating on the viewing side for the clearest vision. The AR coating is applied to both sides of the lens which ensures a low external / internal lens reflection.

This new design of  the LayerLens features:

  • An injection-molded uni-body lens holder that is light and tough.

  • Ships with 1 high quality lens.

  • The lens is a 2mm thick, photo grade, hardened, anti-reflective and smudge coated cast acrylic lens.

  • None of the video or photo modes show the bezel.

  • Fits all GoPro 3 & 4 models, but does not fit the GoPro 1 or 2

The standard case which is supplied with the GoPro cameras is sturdy, dust proof and water tight, however it weighs about 100g’s. The included mounts will add additional weight and increase the surface area, these are all things to be avoided when building a multirotor or plane. Using the GoPro camera naked reduces these negative effects, however it leaves the lens exposed, this would mean that any crash would more than likely damage the lens!

Lumenier developed the LayerLens to help protect the lens of the GoPro. LayerLens brings the most important part of the original GoPro case back into play, the protective lens cover; without adding much weight or size. Fully assembled the LayerLens for the GoPro 3 & 4 weighs only 7.5 grams, this is only a fraction the weight of the full GoPro case. LayerLens has become the standard lens protection product in the fields of RC and FPV where a GoPro is used outside of its standard housing.

How to use the LayerLen assembly. The included lens is covered with 2 protective films. One film is green, this is the inside surface of the lens that faces the GoPro lens. The other side has a clear film, this is the 'viewing side' of the lens that faces outward. Both sides of the lens are hardened and AR coated. The viewing side of the lens has an additional 'anti smudge' film to minimize finger prints. Before use you will need to remove both films from the lens and remember which side is the viewing side. Mount the lens on the black base with the viewing side facing outward. Screw in the 4 screws with a small phillips screw-driver. Do not over-tighten the lens, only apply a gentle turning motion when screwing on the lens and stop when you feel resistance. Thread the velcro band through the two small holes in the base to attach the assembly onto your GoPro The AR coating on the lens requires special care. Only clean the lens with a cleaning solution appropriate for cleaning lenses or eye glasses and with an appropriate microfiber cleaning cloth. Try to avoid touching the lens. Never use ammonia based cleaning solutions. For example, never use Windex to clean your lens as it will permanently damage the AR coating.


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