JD-IO board v1.1 Driver board

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JD-IO board v1.1 Driver board

These JD-IO Driver Boards are great if you need to drive LED strips, LEDs, Lamps, Relays or similar devices. This board is fully Arduino compatible and has 6 high power outputs and can handle up to 42 Volts and 500mA / output pin.

There is easy ccess on the boards to the FTDI / UART and I2C ports, the DJ-IO Boards have high power outputs, there are several TTL level GPIO pins and Analog pins.

Technical data:

  • Atmega 328P MCU

  • ULN2003A darlington array for high power outputs

  • 6 x TTL GPIO pins

  • 6 x TTL Analog pins (only 4 if using I2C bus)

  • FTDI connector

  • ISP pins for deep programming

  • Size: 37mm x 18mm


Assembly and usage documentation is here: jDoc - jD-IOBoard

Source codes etc in Google Arducodes repository


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