ImmersionRC Spironet V2 Stubby With Right Angle SMA 5.8 GHz RHCP Omni Directional Antenna

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The ImmersionRC Spironet V2 Stubby with right angle SMA 5.8 GHz RHCP Omni Directional Antenna replaces the V1 ImmersionRC Spironet antennas were most people's favourite antenna for many years, and for good reason. They were great overall performers offering long range, good multipath rejection and good durability. The ImmersionRC Spiro V2 Stubby Spironet builds on this great success, now following the trend of shorter antennas to make them less likely to catch on things in the unfortunate event of a crash

The ImmersionRC Spironet V2 Stubby uses a new material for the plastic housing, this has been improved to offer better RF performance which has also resulted in a cooler transparent look. As well as this the durability has been further improved with the housing thickness being increased and ribbing on the base ensuring the antenna just 'bounces' off of any gates or flags that you may clip. The goggle version of this antenna has a low loss 90degree SMA adapter so you no longer have to bend the coaxial cable at 90degrees to achieve optimum performance.

Finally, the antenna design has been re-tooled giving better tolerances and also meaning that the Spironet V2 antennas can offer the best frequency range of any antenna on the market making them perfect for use at events or competitions which have been permitted to use the 'Low Band' Frequencies.


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