ImmersionRC RF Power Meter

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This ImmersionRC RF Power Meter has now been replaced with the ImmersionRC RF Power Meter V2

The ImmersionRC RF Power Meter is a great way to accurately measure the transmitter power levels from your FPV transmitter or compare antennas used with your first Person View system. The ImmersionRC RF Power Meter has been calibrated for the frequencies and bands used by Radio Controlled modellers from 25MHz to 5.8 GHz.

Using the ImmersionRC RF Power Meter for transmitter testing is straight forward, when testing the output level of a First Person View transmitter the ImmersionRC RF Power Meter is connected using the supplied 30dB SMA attenuator directly to the transmitter. The ImmersionRC RF Power Meter displays the results of the test on the built in LCD display. The accuracy of the tests carried out on your transmitter will be within 0.5dB, this includes the most popular 5.8 GHz band for First Person View video transmission.

There is also antenna testing available from the ImmersionRC RF Power Meter, when connecting directional antennas to the ImmersionRC RF Power Meter you can check and measure the radiation pattern to better understand your whole FPV system and the limits of what can be seen with more directional antennas.

Using the ImmersionRC RF Power Meter for system testing is quick and easy and takes away any of the guess work on your FPV system parts. Ground testing is a lot safer than testing FPV systems while in flight. You just install the ImmersionRC RF Power Meter in place of your FPV receiver in your airframe, while the transmitter is in at close range you can measure the power levels that your receiver would see if installed in the airframe. Conducting this test in the airframe means that every part of your First Person View system is checked all in one go. The transmitter power level, transmitter antenna gain, connectors, receiver antenna gain and free space losses are all checked in one step.



  • You can measure pulsed and continuous RF power levels (for example, UHF and A/V downlinks)

  • Calibrated on all common bands used in RC modelling

  • 50dB of dynamic range (-50dB - >0dBm without the external attenuator)

  • Readout in mW or dBm

Included in the box:

  • 1 x RF Power Meter

  • 1 x 30dB SMA Attenuator (mini circuits)

  • 1 x Male to male semi-rigid interconnect cable.


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