ImmersionRC EzUHF Nano Receiver

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The ImmersionRC EzUHF Nano receiver is the smallest and lightest radio receiver to come from the ImmersionRC EzUHF range of receivers. The EzUHF Nano receiver is just 5 grams in weight and measures 2 x 24 x 7mm. This Nano receiver might be small however, it has features found in the larger EzUHF recievers. The EzUHF nano has ceramic filtered inputs which eliminates nearby high-power video Tx interference and the reliable FHSS link which gives both frequency hopping & spread spectrum technology allowing pilots the best possible link with strong rejection of interference. With the speed of change in the world of radio control receivers ImmersionRC have designed in additional communication options, the EzUHF is bi-directional ready, the required transmitter hardware is already contained on-board the transmitter.

The EzUHF Nano supports PWM, PPM, and SBus modes, 3 Channel PWM, 12 channel PPM or SBus and comes ready for operation on the 433MHz/70cm Ham band with -112dBm sensitivity. Like the other EzUHF recievers from ImmersionRC the Nano has a USB Connection for easy firmware upgrades, and advanced configuration, there are additional ports for RC connection, these are miniature MMCX connector, this is supplied with MMCX to Bulkhead SMA connector & standard SMA antenna connectors, this gives compatibility with standard 433/70cm band antennas. The EzUHF also features a simple to use failsafe, preset by a button on the EzUHF transmitter.



  • EzUHF Long-Range R/C Receiver, 3 Channel PWM (Wings), 12 channel PPM or SBus (Quads)

  • Small 5 gram package, 8 x 24 x 27mm (Including hard plastic case installed)

  • New firmware available to support low-latency control for Multicopter use, with SBus receiver output.

  • Reliable FHSS Link (Frequency Hopping & Spread Spectrum)

  • 433MHz / 70cm Ham band operation

  • -112dBm Sensitivity

  • Bi-directional communication ready (contains on-board transmitter)

  • Ceramic filtered inputs to eliminates nearby high-power video Tx interference

  • PPM, PWM, and SBus modes

  • USB connection for firmware upgrades, and advanced configuration

  • Miniature MMCX connector, supplied with MMCX to Bulkhead SMA connector

  • Standard SMA antenna connectors, compatibility with standard 433/70cm band antennas

  • Failsafe, preset by button on the EzUHF transmitter


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