ImmersionRC EzOSD On Screen Display (Deans)

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ImmersionRC EzOSD On Screen Display (Deans)

The ImmersionRC EzOSD On Screen Display (Deans) comes supplied with the 2 - 6s Deans 100 Amp current sensor, integrated 10 Hz GPS unit and cables needed to connect the systems into an aircraft for an all in one package designed for First Person View applications; the Immersion RC EzOSD On Screen Display (Deans) is a small and lightweight system that connects directly to your ImmersionRC 5.8 GHz 25 mW Transmitter or ImmersionRC 600 mW 5.8 GHz Long Range Transmitter.

The on screen display is a very important part of the First Person View equipment installed in to the aircraft. The information displayed is like the HUD (Heads Up Display) seen in full size aircraft, the OSD overlays various pieces of critical information onto the video image, which will be viewed by the FPV pilot. The display has the key information needed by the FPV pilot to know the home location, direction to home, ground speed, battery voltage, number of satellites found, mAh consumed and altitude of the aircraft which makes the flight safer and more enjoyable.


The ImmersionRC EzOSD On Screen Display (Deans) has many functions to allow the FPV pilot to set alarms warning of low battery voltage; mAh used, maximum altitude and maximum distance, which are able to be set in either feet or meters. At the end of your flight there is a summary of information, this includes the maximum altitude, maximum distance, maximum speed, average speed and distance flown.

The telemetry downlink information for the position of the aircraft can be sent down to the ground ensure that the information supplied from the EZOSD module is up to date so you can use an ImmersionRC EZ Antenna Tracker which will always be pointing the ImmersionRC SpiroNet 5.8 GHz Patch Antenna directly towards the craft for the best possible video quality and range.


The ImmersionRC EzOSD On Screen Display has a USB port to allow you to update the firmware via a PC.


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