Futaba T6K V2 8 Channel 2.4GHz T-FHSS & R3006SB Combo Mode 2

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Futaba T6K V2 8 Channel 2.4GHz T-FHSS & R3006SB Combo Mode 2

The new Futaba T6K V2 8 channel radio controller is the perfect entry / sport level radio controller for aircraft, Multi Rotor and helicopter pilots. This stylish radio transmitter features a clean in-built aerial system, easy to use jog dial for programming and a backlit LCD screen for a clear display. The Futaba T6K T6K V2 8 channel is not only a great looking radio control system it also includes many features you would normally expect in the high-end transmitters in the Futaba range.

The Futaba T6K V2 has been designed to take full advantage of Futaba's popular T-FHSS telemetry system, this means that a wide array of data can be monitored in flight, this information can be seen on screen or you can listen to this information using the in-built speaker. The T6K V2 8 channel includes as standard receiver battery voltage and external battery voltage, you can add additional sensors to monitor temperature, RPM, altitude and even a variometer sensors are available as options. The T6K V2 is also capable of using S.Bus/S.Bus2 servos which can be easily programmed via the transmitter, whilst these and standard servos can all be used with the supplied R3006SB receiver.

This radio requires 4 x AA cells to power.


  • S-FHSS/T-FHSS selectable

  • Telemetry system (T-FHSS) with data speech function for monitoring receiver battery voltage, external voltage, temperature, RPM, altitude and variometer

  • Built-in antenna

  • S.Bus/S.Bus2 servo setting functions programmable through the transmitter

  • Preset vibration alarms

  • 30 model memory

  • 8-character model/user naming

  • Programmable mixes for airplanes, helicopters, gliders and multi-rotors

  • Digital trims with variable step settings

  • Adjustable stick length and tension

  • Changeable switch/VR position and AUX channel function

  • Throttle position warning

  • Backlit 128x64 DOT LCD screen with adjustable display contrast

  • Software updateable through the CIU-2

  • Screen Lock

  • Earphone/S.Bus/Trainer jacks

  • Assignable switches (three 3-position, one 2-position)

  • Range Check

  • Program navigation bay with jog dial, +/- pads and end pad

  • Data reset 

  • Model copy 

  • Selectable model type

  • Fail Safe

  • End Points

  • Trim/Trim Resets/Trim Steps

  • Sub Trim

  • Servo Reversing

  • Parameter functions

  • Servo monitor/Test

  • Wireless model data transfer

  • Timer-System and Model (Up/Down)

  • Trainer system

Airplane Functions:

  • Wing Type (5-wing, 2-tail)

  • Throttle Cut

  • Dual Rate/Expo

  • Throttle Curve

  • Idle down

  • Gyro

  • Aileron differential

  • V-Tail

  • Camber

  • Air Brake

  • Elevator-to-Flap mixing

  • Flap-to-Elevator mixing

  • Elevon mixing

Glider Functions:

  • Wing Type (5-Wing, 2-Tail)

  • Condition select

  • Dual Rate/Expo

  • Motor switch

  • Gyro

  • Aileron Differential

  • V-tail

  • Butterfly mixing

  • Trim mixing

  • Elevator-to-Camber mixing

  • Camber mixing

  • Aileron-to-Camber mixing

Helicopter Functions:

  • Swash type (6)

  • Condition Select

  • Throttle Cut

  • Dual Rate/Expo

  • Trim Offset

  • Delay

  • Gyro mixing

  • Swash AFR

  • Swash mixing

  • Throttle Curve (5-point)

  • Pitch Curve (5-point)

  • Pitch-to-Rudder mixing

  • Throttle Hold

  • Hovering throttle

  • Hovering pitch

Multicopter Functions:

  • Flight Mode

  • Center alarm

  • Dual Rate/Expo

  • Throttle Curve

  • Throttle Delay

  • Gyro Required



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