Flite Test WR 5mm Foam Board Sheet

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The Flite Test WR Foam Board uses a brand new idea inspiring new designs from Flite Test. This foam board is water resistant unlike the previously used white foam board. Models can now wishstand wet grass, rain and even landing on water! This brings a new range of Flite Test amphibious models such as the Sea Duck, the Otter and floats on the Simple Cub.

The foam sheets are still 5mm thick, and 510x750mm (20x30inches) in size. The foam is still every bit as durable and easy to use as the white foam and each sheet only weighs 112 grams. Either use this WR Foam Board to build Flite Test designs, or create your own. If you are designing your own model, why not still make use of the Flite Test spares and accessories, such as;

We recommend to buy multiple sheets to help prevent damage and warping in transit.





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