Flite Test Swappable Power Pod/Firewall 5 Pack

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Excl. VAT: £11.24 Incl. VAT: £13.49
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The Flite Test Swappable Power Pod/Firewall are the R/C electronics core for any Flite Test Swappable series of models. The power pod houses the motor, esc and flight battery. The Power Pod is designed to be easily detachable from the rest of the air frame, meaning you can swap your Power Pod between various models. This is great if you want to try varying power set ups in different models, or have multiple models with only the expense of one power pack.

Note that not all Flite Test designs share the same power setups, and the this Power Pod is not compatible with the Mighty Mini series of aircraft, nor the Mighty Mini Firewalls. If your regularly swapping your Power Pod between air frames, it's a good idea to add some reinforcement where the BBQ Skewers slide through. We recommend using the Flite Test Reinforcement Discs for this job.


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