Flite Test Racer Speed Build Kit

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The Flite Test Racer was inspired by modern day air racers and possesses a lot of the same characteristics as the plane it was designed after. Many similarities can be seen when compared to the RipSlinger from the Disney film, planes.

If you enjoy the crisp lines and speed of a racing style plane, then you’re sure to enjoy the Flite Test Racer. Its sleek lines and tapered wing platform means it's built for straight line speed with moderate aerobatic capabilities. This model can be flown with either a 3 or 4S battery for extra performance, with flight times in excess of 10 minutes.

This aircraft tracks through the air very cleanly and flies as if it were on rails. Though the Racer is very fast it has a wide speed envelope and can still be flown from small fields. This is a great introduction to 4 channel aerobatic models once you have experienced the Tiny Trainer and Sportster models.

• Wingspan: 40 inches (1016mm)

• Weight: 496g (17.49oz) without battery

• COG: 2.3 inches (60mm) back from leading edge

• Control Throws: Aileron/Elevator 12 Degrees, Rudder 25 Degrees

• Expo: 30% (recommended)

• Power Pack: C (large fixed wing) or equivalent

Kit Includes
• Laser-cut foam air frame

• Poster board front and rear turtle deck

• Poster board canopy

• Power pod (swappable)

• FT firewall

• Push rods

• Control horns

• BBQ skewers

• Velcro

• Specification sheet

Needed To Complete
• Brushless Motor: Park 400 size, 810kV minimum

• ESC: 30amp

• Propeller: 8x6 (4S), or 9x4.7 (3S)

• Battery: 3S 1800-3000, or 4S 1600-2500 (recommended)

• Servos: 4 9g micro servo

Please click here for the build instruction video.

Note: The Flite Test speed build kits are made from 5mm thick Flite Test WR FT4000 Adams foam board sheet.


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