Flite Test Mighty Mini Corsair Speed Build Kit

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The Flite Test Mighty Mini Corsair is another small edition of an ever growing family of Flite Test designs. This little fighter at only 24 inch span, weighing approximately 156g is an ideal park flyer that can deliver a huge amount of fun in a very small package. Once finished with a paint job or applying vinyl graphics, this little warbird can look very convincing and authentic.

This speed build kit includes a laser cut air frame and hardware pack. The kit is constructed from 5mm thick WR Flite Test Foam Board and is assembled using nothing more than hot glue and clear celotape, making building very affordable, simple and enjoyable with minimal tools and experience needed.

• Wingspan: 24 inches (609mm)

• Weight: 156g (5.5oz)

• COG: 1inch (25mm) back from leading edge

• Control Surface Throws: 12 Degrees (recommended)

• Expo: 30% (recommended)

• Power Pack: A of F (Minis) or equivalent

Kit Includes
• Laser-cut- foam airframe

• Mini Power Pod

• FT Firewall

• Push Rods

• Control Horns

• BBQ Skewers

• Velcro

• Throw Gauge

• Specification Sheet

Needed To Complete
• Brushless Motor: 2204-2205 2200Kv Minimum

• ESC: 20amp

• Propeller: 6x4.5

• Servo's: 3-4 5g Micro Servo

• Battery: 3s 800mAh (recommended)

Please click here for the instruction build video.

Note: The Flite Test speed build kits are made from 5mm thick Flite Test WR FT4000 Adams foam board sheet.


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