FlightOne Raceflight Bolt32 4 in 1 ESC

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FlightOne Raceflight Bolt32 4 in 1 ESC

The FlightOne Bolt32 utilises the latest in ESC technology with it's 4 in 1 design, allowing you to save valuable weight and space in your model whilst keeping the ESC board protected in the center of the frame safe from propeller strikes.

The FlightOne Bolt32 is designed to stack with the Revolt V3 and Revolt OSD boards, again making installations tidy and precise. However the Bolt32, like the Bolt V2 can be combined with a number of different flight controllers. This is made simpler with the Bolt32 by having an ESC signal/ground wiring loom which plugs directly into the board, which cuts down on soldering and makes installations more interchangeable. A 3-4S Lipo is supported and each ESC is capable of handling up to 50 amps current draw, so you have peace of mind and flexibility when trying different Motor, Prop and ESC setups.

The Bolt32 employs powerful FETS to supply the most power to your motors as quickly as possible. They also increase responsiveness in breaking and sharp maneuvers which ultimately increases your aircraft's agility. The FlightOne Bolt32 also capitalises on the Blheli_S ESC firmware for faster switching using more powerful MPU's.

Unlike other 4 in 1 ESC's and the Bolt V2, the FlightOne Bolt32 has 4 current sensors, one for each ESC. This can be hooked up directly to the Revolt OSD to provide amp draw and mAh consumed information. The Bolt32 provides direct Lipo power for the RevoltOSD. When using the Revolt V3, a 5v BEC is needed.



  • 30.5mm x 30.5mm mounting hole spacing

  • Integrated FlightOne Gummies

  • 50 amp per channel

  • BlHeli_S

  • D-Shot ready

  • 3s – 4s compatible (6S capable if modding the ESC)

  • Built in Current Sensor

  • Special low noise connector integrated with the Revolt and Bolt pair

  • Current and Voltage sent to flight controller

  • Easy Install

  • High-quality components

  • Weight: 15.5 grams


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