Finwing Sabre Deluxe ARF

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The Finwing Sabre is one of the most versitile fixed wing FPV platforms on the market. With a generous 1900mm (74.8inch) wingspan, an AUW capacity of 4.5Kg (10Lb) and the ability to carry up to 3 separate FPV camera's the Sabre is suitable for both entry level and experienced FPV pilots with simple or advanced setups.

Whilst the looks may be an aquired taste, the clever aerodynamics make this aircraft very effecient with low drag, allowing for extended flight times and better flight characteristics including a wide speed envelope and mild stall behavior. Which further reinforces making this a suitable choice for even novice pilots, who need a stable and predictable model.

This kit variant (Deluxe AFR) of this model comes supplied with some of the essential parts needed to construct this aircraft to a basic level of operation, such as motor, propeller, esc and servo's. Also included is all relevant hardware needed to link your control surfaces to your servo's such as control horns and pushrod's. Also supplied are three different nose cover options suitable for different camera's, whilst also making provision for a gimbal mounted camera.

You will require the minimum of a 4 channel transmitter/receiver, 3-4S Lipo battery, charger and lipo connectors of your choice to complete this aircraft. From here you can add a multitude of different hardware to turn what starts as a standard model into your own First Person View UAV.

Aircraft Specification

  • Wing Span : 1900MM (74.8")

  • Length: 1320MM (52")

  • Max.AUW: 4.5kg (10.0 Pound)

  • Duration: 1.0-2.0 hours

  • Flight Range: >40.0km

  • Flap: Optional, servo not included (Requried 2pcs 9g Servo)

 Included In The Box

  •  Airframe Hardwares, Servo horn, Aileron,elevator,Rudder extension wires

  • 11*5.5" Propeller

  • 1PCS Brushless Motor M2820(3542)

  • 1PCS Premium Brushless 60A ESC OPTO

  • 1PCS External UBEC 6A

  • 3PCS Metal gear 23g servo

  • 1PCS 9g servo

  • 1PCS Module 1 Forward Filming Nose

  • 1PCS Module 2 Forward Gimbal Nose Combo

  • 1PCS Module3 Downward Filming Module

  • 1PCS Steerable undercarriage (including 1PCS 23g metal gear servo)

  • 1PCS Belly Armor



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