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Excl. VAT: £170.80 Incl. VAT: £204.96
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The Finwing Air Titan KIT is supplied as air frame and hardware pack only. Other parts to complete the system for basic flight such as Motor, Propeller, ESC and Servo's can be bought separately (See Specification for details). You will also require a minimum of a 4 channel Transmitter/Receiver, 6S Lipo battery, battery connectors, propeller and suitable battery charger to get this model in to the air.

The Air Titan is the largest of the three Finwing FPV UAV platforms currently in operation, presenting a wingspan of 99.2 inches (2520mm). 

As an FPV platform, the Air Titan is designed to give the most docile of flying characteristics, whilst still being able to carry a variety of payloads to suit your application. This is facilitated by having a substancially larger aircraft with a high mounted wing, providing a much lower wing loading which in turn gives you an aircraft with very stable and predictable flight characteristics.

Although the Air Titan is not recommended for complete novice pilot's, it's not an aircraft that demands a high level of skill either and has an ability to fly in a wide envelope of conditions.

The Air Titan, being the largest of the three air frames, can carry a variety of camera's and batteries giving you great flexibility. This air frame allows for the Finwing Pan/Tilt Mechanism to be installed in the nose, whilst still allowing for a second FPV camera and downward facing camera to be installed as well.

Flight times will vary depending on payload and flight conditions, but with the right battery, propeller and payload combination, you can expect flight times of over an hours duration.


Double Deck - Allowing for two camera's to be used. One for FPV flight and the other for video record or aerial photography.

Ton Of Space - Huge cavity inside the fuselage, providing plenty of room for your video camera's, OSD's, transmitters, autopilot's etc.

Easy Cockpit Design - Easy access to your battery and other avionics, using velcro straps and magnets to secure the canopy.

Cooling Loft - An ideal place to mount your ESC, to prevent overheating.

High Grade Parts - Metal control horns, plywood reinforcements, carbon fiber wing tubes, metal hinges. All working together providing a solid flying platform that's built to last.

High Strength Undercarriage: Stainless Steel landing gear with large foam wheels and secure mounting points on the air frame, allow for multiple takeoff's and landing's on challenging terrain without problems. A simple yet strong design incorportating steerable nose gear.

High Quality Power Plant: A good quality Motor and ESC have been chosen to provide best performance and longevity with maximum efficiency.

Good Flight Performance: A high efficiency aerodynamic design, allowing for longer flight times, whilst also offering very stable and predictable flight characteristics.

Below is a link to the Air Titan manual;

Finwing Air Titan Manual.pdf


  • Wingspan: 99.2 inches, 2520mm

  • Air Frame Weight: 2.3Kg's / 5.3Lb's (excluding electric components)

  • Extra Payload Capacity: 3.0-4.0Kg's / 6.6-8.8Lb's

  • AUW Flight Weight: 7.0Kg's / 15.4Lb's

  • Motor: M60K 1500W (not included)

  • ESC: 85 amp Opto (not included)

  • UBEC: 5-6v Switchable UBEC (not included)

  • Propeller: APC-E 15x6 or 15x7 (not included)

  • Servo: x3 6Kg Metal Gear for Ailerion and Steerable Nose Gear (not included)

  • Servo: x1 3Kg Metal Gear for Elevator (not included)

  • Servo: x2 17g Plastic Gear for Rudder (not included)

  • Recommended Battery: 6S Lipo 10400mAh (not included)

  • Recommended Battery Connector: XT90S Connector (not included)

You can also buy the Finwing Air Titan ARF package, supplied with everything needed for basic flight excluding radio, receiver and lipo battery. 

For those looking to get into fixed wing FPV flying on a smaller scale at lower cost, we also recommend the Finwing Penguin. Which can be bought in ARF or Kit forms.


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