Finwing 85 Amp Opto Brushless ESC

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Finwing 85 Amp Opto Brushless ESC Part No. ADP007

The Finwing 85 amp Opto Brushless ESC is compatible with a wide range of brushless motors on the market, also commonly used with the Finwing Air Titan air frame and Finwing M60K Brushless Motor.

The Finwing 85 Amp ESC is capable of delivering a constant 85 Amps with bursts of upto 100 amps via the 12AWG multi strand silicone coated wire, this makes for a very versatile and reliable ESC. This Finwing 85 Amp ESC comes supplied with pre-installed female gold bullet connectors for quick and easy installation to your choice of motor, and a male Deans connector for connection to your battery, all of which are neatly heat shrinked and ready for use.

This Finwing ESC has several programmable functions to suit your specific needs. There's no need for a programming card, all the parameters can be set manually by using your radio controller's throttle channel. For those who are happy to run with the factory settings, the ESC comes pre-programmed and ready to use. With no Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) built in, this gives you the flexibility to use your choice of power source for your radio receiver and servo's. For powering your receiver and servo's, we recommend to use the Finwing Air Titan UBEC.

For the full instruction manual, please click the following link below;

Finwing 85 amp Opto Brushless ESC Instruction Manual.pdf


  • Lipo Input: 2-6 Cells

  • Ni-Mh Input: 5-18 Cells

  • Continuous Current: 85 amps

  • Max Burst Current: 100 amps

  • BEC: None

  • Wire Gauge: 12 AWG

  • Motor Connectors: 4mm Gold Bullet

  • Battery Connector: Deans

  • Servo Wire Length: 260mm


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