Finwing 17g Servo

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The Finwing 17g Servo can be used for any application requiring a proportional servo with a travel of 180 degree. The Finwing 17g Servo, is designed to be used on the Finwing Penguin and Sabre air frames for Aileron and Elevator functions.

A light weight, Sub-Micro servo providing up to 2.5kg/cm torque at 6 volts makes it ideal for these applications where extra power is needed on the primary control surfaces. With a travel speed of 0.10sec/60degree at 6 volts, you'll also experience fast responses to your stick inputs giving you precision accuracy commands.

The servo comes supplied with a variety of plastic servo arms to suit your needs, as well as all mounting hardware and screws. A standard 3-pin servo plug is used for connecting to your receiver (no tab).

For Rudder servo on the Finwing Penguin and Sabre, please use the 9g servo.


  • Speed: 0.12sec / 60degree at (4.5V) / 0.10sec / 60degree at (6V)

  • Torque: (4.5V) / (6V)

  • Operating Voltage: 4.5V - 6.0V

  • Bearing Type: Nylon Bush

  • Gear Type: Nylon

  • Case Dimensions: 28mm x 12mm x 29mm

  • Cable Length: 170mm


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