FatShark HDO OLED FPV Goggles

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FatShark HDO OLED FPV Goggles

FatShark's new (2018) HDO Goggles are the first world-wide to use OLED display technology stack producing more vivid colours and higher contrast ratio's meaning pilot's can now better detail whilst flying in challenging and changing light conditions. Faster moving objects now also display better due to reduced artifacts from image retention.

There is now a considerable difference seen when paying attention to the outside corners of the screens thanks to FatSharks patented optics producing crisper images from corner to corner of each display alleviating any blurriness around the edges of the image.

Extra features include a receiver module bay with higher power capabilities for next generation power-hungry receivers. Also an improved user interface for better switching between analogue and HDMI feeds.


  • 960 x 720 (1080 x 800 Screen)

  • Field Of View: 37°

  • Image Aspect Ration: 4:3

  • IPD: 59-69mm

  • Weight: 186g

  • HDMI: Supports HDMI In @1080P




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