FatShark Trinity Head Tracker

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Excl. VAT: £74.99 Incl. VAT: £89.99
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The Fat Shark Trinity Head Tracker has a revolutionary vector algorithm that anticipates and maps real head motion in “free space” then converts this information into camera movement at the gimbal. The accurate 9 Degrees of Freedom IMU allows the Trinity Head Tracker to deliver the smoothest and most accurate 3 axis head tracking ever. The rapid fluid motion and zero error features of this head tracker module means that FPV flights and head tracking is so natural that it becomes an extension of your environment , you will soon forget you are even using one. The Fat Shark Trinity Head Tracker is a quantum leap forward in head tracking performance, it will change how FPV pilots fly and what they come to expect from a head tracking unit.

The Trinity Head Tracker is a replacement / optional extra upgrade for the Dominator video Goggles. Fitment or replacement will involve opening your system to install, if you have no experience with these systems it is recommended to have the unit installed by a professional installer.


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