Eagle Tree Vector With XT60 Connector

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Eagle Tree Vector With XT60 Connector.

The Eagle Tree Vector is one of the most popular and versitile autopilot platforms on the market today, supporting various fixed wing and multi-rotor configurations. Known for it's ease of use, flexability and reliability, the Vector is the number one choice of autopilot for many including multiple systems built at BuildYourOwnDrone.

The Vector is a plug and play solution with no immediate soldering required thanks to Eagle Tree's innovating wiring loom which also includes inputs and filtered 5v/12v outputs for your video camera and transmitter. The Vector also supports PWM, PPM and SBUS and a receiver wiring harness is supplied so that receiver installation could not be quicker.

Configuring the Vector parameters is also very simple, by either using the Vector's OSD menu's or the free Vector PC Configuration software which is also used for firmware updates as well as a live telemtry feed and waypoint flying.

Key Features.

  • Built-in OSD with Colour Graphics - Fully Customizable 

  • Fixed Wing and Multi-rotor flight controller - with 2D/3D Stabilization Modes and GPS RTH

  • Simple to set up and operate out of the box - no PC required for most features

  • Compatible PCM, SPPM, SBUS and PWM receiver support

  • Expandable with additional sensors; RPM, Temperature and Pitot

  • Flexability - Either fly with or without your FPV camera and video transmitter

  • Reduced Wiring due to an innovative wiring harness with power distribution 

  • Current Sensor with efficient filtered 12v and 5v

  • Built-in Altimeter, IMU and Magnetic Compass Sensors

  • Voice Alerts can be sent directly to the pilot

  • Variometer can be displayed through OSD or acoustic tone

  • Geofence allows the pilot to set maximum height and distances for your model

  • Data logging and telemetry for GPS and additional sensors via internal storage

In The Box.

  • Vector Flight Controller

  • PSU Power Module

  • GPS V2 Module

  • GPS Stand/Holder

  • Vector Telemetry/Receiver Wiring Looms

 The Vector user manual can be found here.




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