Eagle Tree Pan Tilt Mounting For Eagle Eyes Antenna Tracker

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Excl. VAT: £53.33 Incl. VAT: £64.00
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Eagle Tree Pan Tilt Mounting For Eagle Tree Eagle Eyes Antenna Tracker

The Pan Tilt mounting is constructed from lightweight, laser-cut plywood and delivered in kit form requiring some basic assembly. The laser-cut parts fit together tightly but we recommend using a quick-curing epoxy resin to hold everything together. 

Servo's, Antenna's, Tripod, Eagle Eyes FPV Station and Video Receiver are not included. Two standard or full-sized servo's and mounting hardware are required for the pan and tilt axis. We recommend high-torque analogue servo's but also trying to keep your setup as light as possible. A 360 degree servo for the pan axis is not completely necassary, again a standard servo will suffice such as the Finwing 6Kg Metal Gear High-Torque servo.

Pan Tilt Mounting Manual


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