Drone Flight School

Despite all the new technology, drones still require some core skills to operate & fly safely. The drone flight school here at Build Your Own Drone can help you take the first steps into flying with our flight training services giving you confidence and an understanding of the drone system.

We offer a variety of different training options ranging from 1-hour ‘taster’ sessions to full day training courses where you will end up knowing more about your drone and how tocare for it. The team here at Build Your Own Drone will use their 40 years combined model flying experience to give you some of the best training in the UK. Having taken the industry standard RPQ-S course our pilots can also give you help in taking your first steps to becoming a certified commercial pilot.

1 Hour Taster Lesson

The one-hour taster lesson will give you an introduction to flight. We will first teach you the basic controls, and then after a short demo flight will let you take control of one of our training aircraft, after you have got to grips with flying a drone we can help you also get to know your system better. We can answer any questions that you might have and enhance your overall understanding and skill levels. For more information and to book a lesson please contact us

Other Courses

If you wish to have a more in-depth training session, then contact us to discuss and see how we can cater to your needs.