DJI Zenmuse X5 3 Axis Camera Gimbal Without Lens

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DJI Zenmuse X5 3 Axis Camera Gimbal Without Lens

DJI has released the Zenmuse X5 which is a Micro Four Thirds Cameras designed specifically for use with the DJI Inspire 1 & DJI Inspire 1 Pro. The X5 is capable of 4K video with its 16-megapixel sensor and has a standard MFT interchangeable lens mount. It allows full wireless remote control over focus and aperture and has is part of the Zenmuse 3-axis gimbal range. The X5 has increased dynamic range, 12.8 stops, this allows for greater clarity in images. There are currently 3 lenses compatible with the DJI Zenmuse X5, the Olympus M.Zuiko Digital ED 12mm f/2.0, DJI MFT 15mm f/1.7 ASPH Prime and the Panasonic Lumix 15mm G Leica DG Summilux f/1.7 ASPH.

Please note: when installing the Zenmuse X5 to the Inspire 1 you need to upgrade the camera vibration board to the DJI Inspire 1 Zenmuse X5 Vibration Absorbing Board.


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