DJI Zenmuse Canon 5D Mark II Brushless Gimbal

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Excl. VAT: £1,803.00 Incl. VAT: £2,163.60
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The DJI Zenmuse Canon 5D Brushless Gimbal Mark II has now been replaced with the DJI Zenmuse Canon Z15-5D Mark III HD Gimbal

DJI Zenmuse Canon 5D Brushless Gimbal Mark II. 

The DJI Zenmuse Z15-5D Canon Gimbal, based on the technology of the Zenmuse Z15 series gimbal, it inherits its predominant strength / weight ratio because of its unique structural design. The release of this gimbal marks another breakthrough in gimbal systems and the precision range of the control angle is within ±0.02°. When used with DJI A2 professional flight controller and an Octo-copter, it will remain stable and precisely with the highest level of stability in controlling any camera equipment even if the aircraft is in strong wind or at high speed. Undeniably, it is the top choice in professional filming or aerial photography.

In order to ensure the gimbal functions at its best and submits nothing but industry level images, DJI provides a customized Gimbal in accordance with the latest in camera technology. The Zenmuse Z15-5D Gimbal is customized for the Canon 5D Mark III and Canon 5D Mark II. The Canon 5D series camera has been providing an unparalleled customer experience as it offers excellent video quality and a variety of recording formats, bit rates and frame rates and with up to 1920×1080/24P shooting ability, the Canon 5D is a perfect camera for all in the world of aerial photography.

The 3-axis Canon 5D Zenmuse Gimbal system has a creative mechanical design. The control method is simple and easy to use as the movement range of the transmitter stick has direct control over the relative rotation speed. The tail potentiometer greatly increases control, stability and precision, and the internal slip rings avoid needlessly complicated wiring. Both the power and signal lines are integrated into the tubes of the Gimbal, which presents a completely unhindered control axis without limitation providing a maximum Yaw of ±360°, a maximum Pitch of -120°to +15°and a maximum Roll of ±25°.

Due to our special DJI Customized Gimbal Servo Drive Module, the Zenmuse series of Gimbals offers excellent high precision control characteristics. With high precision, low vibration and high torque characteristics, this module provides additional quality stabilizing features.

The New DJI Innovations 5D Gimbal has an all new stabilizing algorithm which represents the latest in innovations which allows highly-precise induction devices, providing perfect performance of attitude control. This integration means that without the requirement of extra installation and connection of extra wires, it is both easy to assemble and extremely stable during flight. The gimbal also provides a specially designed and customized video output module, which includes an infrared shutter control function.


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