DJI Snail Tuned Propulsion System

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The Snail tuned propulsion system from DJI is designed to give racers the competitive edge by providing maximum thrust and power for minimum weight and energy draw.

By Definition, Racing drones don’t spend a lot of time hovering so DJI have specially designed the 5048S Tri-Blade propellers to provide more thrust and more speed whilst consuming less power. The wind tunnel tests showed that the Snail produced 20% more thrust than a conventional propeller.

The Snail 430-R ESC uses completely unique control algorithms to reduce response times by 21% compared to most other products on the market. This makes the aircraft more agile and allows it to respond faster during sharp turns and hard braking. Loop 800 is the measure used to define the time it takes a propulsion system to increase the thrust from 100g to 800g, and then decelerate to 400g. This is used to measure the responsive and effectiveness of the power system.

When combined with the 5048s Tri-Blade propellers the Snail 2305 to deliver 1.32Kg of thrust, this is 15% more than most other motors on the market. As maintaining a light weight is essential to a racing system DJI have kept the Snail 2305 motor down to a mere 27.8g however, whilst light weight is important so is durability so the Snail 2305 motor achieves this weight whilst still being incredibly strong. 

ESCs are a very important component of a propulsion system so DJI have leveraged a high performance 32-bit MCU running at 100Mhz. As well as this the Snail 430-R ESC leverages advanced control algorithms which allow it to outperform most other products on the market in terms of both response time and efficiency. The Snail 430-R has an ultra-compact lightweight 3.6g design, and yet still manages to maintain a continuous current as high as 30 Amps. As well as this, multiple parameters, can be configured through the DJI Assistant 2 so that the Snail 430-R can be fine-tuned to the racer’s needs.

The Snail Tuned Propulsion system is compatible with a variety of different propellers all specifically designed with different purposes in mind. All Snail Propellers (excluding the 6048-3D Propeller) feature a new quick release propeller system- a first for racing drones. This means that racers can now swap propellers without using tools in seconds.

For people looking for something a bit different the Snail Propulsion system has a 3D mode where, when partnered with 6048-3D propeller, transforms your quadcopter into a 3D capable machine where on command the motors reverse direction giving sustained inverted flight capabilities.



  • Max Thrust: 1.32kg /rotor (16.8V, Sea Level)

  • Recommended Battery: 4S LiPo

  • Recommended Takeoff Weight: 125– 250g/rotor (Sea Level)

  • Operating Environment: -10 to 50℃

  • Max Allowable Voltage: 17.4V

  • Max Allowable Current (Continuous): 30A

  • Max Peak Current(3 sec): 45A

  • Supported Throttle Signal Modes: Regular/OneShot125

  • Max OneShot125 Signal Frequency: 1kHz

  • Max PWM Signal Frequency: 500Hz

  • Default PWM Output Signal Frequency: 16kHz

  • Weight (Without Cables): 2.8g

  • Supported Battery: 3S – 4S LiPo

  • Stator Size: 23×5mm

  • KV: 2400rpm/V

  • Weight (Without Cables): 27.8g


Propellers(Diameter x Pitch/Weight )

  • 5048S propellers         5×4.8inch (12.70×12.19cm)/ 5.50g

  • 5024S propellers         5×2.4inch (12.70×6.1cm) /3.45g

  • 6030S propellers         6×3.0inch (15.24×7.62cm)/3.20g

  • 6048-3D propellers     6×4.8inch (15.24×12.19cm)/ 4.10g

  • 5048 propellers           5×4.8inch (12.70×12.19cm) /5.68g

  • 7027S propellers         7×2.7inch (17.78×6.86cm) /4.32g







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