DJI S800 Spreading Wings Retractable Landing Gear

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DJI Retractable Landing Gear For The S800 Spreading Wings HexaCopter.

The DJI S800 retractable landing gear has been designed specifically for use with the DJI S800 Spreading Wings HexaCopter for the commercial aerial photography (AP) and experienced model enthusiasts in mind. The remarkable Zenmuse Z15 camera mount now has the freedom to rotate through the full pan axis of 360 + degrees without any of the interruptions seen from the landing gear seen with many other multi rotor air frames, and the standard landing gear of the Spreading Wings frame. This latest addition to the S800 Spreading Wings Frame takes aerial photography and videography to the next level for aerial professionals when combined with the DJI Wookong M . The combination of the DJI Wookong M, S800 Spreading Wings HexaCopter and Zenmuse camera mount with the retractable land gear now means you can lock the S800 in GPS position hold and operate the camera without needing to pay attention to “yawing” the copter for those all-important pan shots or hold your position while waiting to shoot!  

The S800 retractable landing gear is operated remotely with the use of a two position switch form your RC Radio, the landing gear is quick and easy to raise or lower to allow an unobstructed view and a better workflow while on location, no more "legs" in the field of view while shooting. The retractable landing gear is supplied with the required servos and controlling PCB (Printed Circuit Board) for a smooth integration and operation for existing S800 owners.


Working Voltage:        3-6s Lipo Battery

Working Current:        1 Amp

Working Temprature:   -20 - + 70c (No condensation)

Weight:                      875 Grams

Input Signal:               PWM (High-Pulse Width 800us~2200us)

Output Signal:            PWM (Neutral Position is 1520us) in 90Hz

Output Voltage:          7.2 Volts (HV Servo Only)

Servo Travel:              150 Degrees


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