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The DJI Ronin M is able to be setup and be ready for shooting in professional stabilised video in less than 5 minutes. When you mount your camera to the Ronin M it is quick and easy to balance it. The upgraded ATS (Auto Tune Stability) technology is precise and completes the tuning and balancing processes with no tools.

The Ronin M is compact, it can be used in small spaces, even when you have very limited space to work with. The Ronin M is very easy to transport with the top handle bars quickly twisting off to reduce the size, this feature also allows for different shooting configurations.

With a strong construction made from Magnesium the Ronin M stands up to rugged use in just about any filming environment, the strong and rigid magnesium frame has increased the stiffness while reducing the weight over the Ronin.

With just one operator the SmoothTrack technology ensures the Ronin M translates your movements into smooth camera angle changes. Your camera faces the direction you want intuitively, while completely stabilised, no matter how you move. The Ronin M SmoothTrack settings allow for users to adjust the settings from speed to deadband and acceleration. The Single Axis Follow Mode enables you to lock two of the axis while the SmoothTrack guides your camera along only one axis of motion.

The Ronin M offers 3 modes of operation which means that you can capture shots that are impossible with other setups. Switch between the 3 modes of operation without adjusting any settings or needing a second operator remote effortlessly. The underslung mode, film comfortably in the most common shooting mode, holding the Ronin-M directly in front of you at chest level. Upright Mode, used at or above eye-level by flipping and lifting the Ronin M above your head, this is the perfect mode for shooting out of a car’s sunroof or above a crowd of people. The brief case mode is great for filming in narrow spaces or moving through doorways, tight spaces become effortless with the briefcase mode, turning the gimbal vertically and holding it by your side close to your legs, just like a briefcase.

The smart battery fitted to the Ronin M has a runtime of over 6 hours, the smart batteries have overcharge and over depletion protection built in. The individual cells are charged & balanced as part of the charging cycle without any additional action required from the operator. There is clear LED lights which shows the remaining power, this information can also be viewed in the Assistant mobile app.

Designed with high performance in mind, the Ronin M’s brushless motors are incredibly powerful & precise while maintaining low vibration and increasing the torque delivered. The industry leading accuracy is achieved by the Digital Absolute Positioning Encoders found on each of the 3 axis, with a larger range of controllable motion on both the tilt (105⁰ Up, 165⁰ Down) and roll (± 110⁰) axis.

When shooting indoors or in small spaces, the Silent Mode reduces the sound of each motor to an almost inaudible level. The Ronin M’s stabilisation algorithms are instantly changed to focus on strength for minute changes and stabilisation, this means that the sound of the motors is not recorded by sensitive microphones or an other recording equipment.

With the quick release system the Ronin M is compatible with a wide range of universal connections. Removing the top bar assembly in seconds and you can mount your Ronin M on a jib, crane, tripod, or anything else.

The Ronin M power distribution box keeps wiring to a minimum while providing power to your key accessories. Two regulated 12V P-taps, one 500 mAH full-size USB connector, and a DJI Lightbridge connector enable you to connect and provide power to everything you need.

The Bluetooth App gives options to change settings on the go with the simple DJI Assistant app that links to your Ronin M. Auto Tune, adjust your favorite settings, monitor the status of your Ronin-M, and customise SmoothTrack in seconds.


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