DJI Osmo With Charger & 2 Batteries

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DJI Osmo With Charger & 2 Batteries



DJI Osmo With Charger & 2 Batteries is a fully stabilised 4K, 12Mp camera which is optimised for ground use. With tripod-free long exposures and remote camera control using the ergonomic grip which has been designed to offer a secure grip in all shooting conditions. The Osmo has up to 6 hours standby time and 1 hour of video shooting.

The DJI Osmo uses DJI's three axis gimbal stabilisation technology seen in in the high end Zenmuse camera gimbals range. This eliminates the shaky and poor quality video footage normaly found in videos shot by hand. The DJI Osmo has a number of controls built right into the ergonomic grip / handle for a secure grip while allowing users switch between different angles and the photo and video modes with ease. The handle has a built in stereo microphone to capture a soundtrack with your video as you shoot, there is also a 3.5mm audio jack in the grip to allow the use of a professional microphone.

The built in motors in the Osmo camera gimbal allow for a full 360 degree rotation, this offers users the option to automatically capture panoramas on the spot without having to move if you want. Once you choose Panorama you’ll find there are 4 sub-functions appears: Auto panorama, Manual panorama, Selfie panorama and also Sphere panorama. When you choose any of the sub-functions, you just have to wait a few moments for the camera to move to its initial position, then you can compose your photo and hit the shutter either on the app or on the handle. For the auto and sphere panorama, you can simply hold the Osmo still, Osmo will turn the camera automatically and take the pictures. For the manual panorama, you can decide when the camera start to take each photo till the camera complete taking the 360 pictures. For the selfie panorama option, the initial camera position is towards the user who’s holding the Osmo, then clicking the shutter will start the camera to shoot 180 panorama automatically with the user in the picture center. Users can find the completed panorama photos in the playback of DJI Go, and can also find the individual photos which compose the panorama in separated folder in the SD card.

The Osmo handheld gimbal is fully compatible with the existing Zenmuse camera range, these are the DJI Zenmuse X3 Gimbal and Camera, DJI Zenmuse X5 3 Axis Camera Gimbal With MTF 15mm 1.7f Lens and X5R normally seen on the Inspire 1. The camera supplied with the Osmo is a 12-megapixel camera with a 1/2.3" sensor and has a 94 degrees field-of-view lens. It will shoot video in 4K @ 24 /25p.

There are a suite of accessories including DJI Osmo Vehicle Mount, DJI Osmo Tripod, DJI Osmo Straight Extension Arm and more.

Please note: The Osmo X3 camera can't be used on the DJI Inspire 1 or the DJI Inspire 1 Pro


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