DJI Inspire 1 1360S Quick Release Propellers

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Excl. VAT: £9.16 Incl. VAT: £10.99
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DJI Inspire 1 1360S Quick Release Propellers Part 80

These replacement DJI Inspire 1 1360S Quick Release Propellers are for use at higher altitudes, greater than 1500 meters above sea level, they should not be used at altitudes lower than this as the additional drag from the propellers will reduce the flight time, the batteries will also begin to heat to a higher temprature.

The 1360S propellers are supplied in a set of 2 propellers, 1 x CW and 1 x CCW. They do not come supplied with the motor fittings. These propellers are instantly compatible with Inspire 1 V2 and Pro variants. You will need to buy the Inspire 1 1345T Installation Kit if you have the original V1 variant of the Inspire which would usually use the 1345S Self Tightening Propellers.

You will need to order two of this product for a complete replacement set of propellers for the Inspire 1, do not mix these propellers with any others.


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