DJI Focus

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DJI Focus

The DJI Focus is a complete, remote follow focus system that can be used with the Ronin, Ronin-M, X5 and X5R systems. The full kit consists of the remote and the follow focus mechanism, which connects to the camera’s focus ring via a motor and cogged wheel. The remote can operate up to 100 metres away but, more often than not, it would be used much closer. However when used in conjunction with the X5 series on the inspire the Focus remote will connect to your flight remote increases the range to that of your inspire remote. The DJI Focus uses DJI’s expertise in brushless motors for previously unheard of levels of precision and accuracy. The brushless motor puts just ±0.02° of accuracy in your hands so that turning the remote is just like turning the lens itself. It also features high torque and a fast reaction speed so you can keep your subject in focus no matter how it moves. When used with the Inspire 1 Pro and X5 or X5R cameras, the standalone focus remote controller has to be connected through a cable to the Inspire's remote. This means it uses the Lightbridge signal to communicate with the camera rather than its own, built-in, wireless system. While cinema lenses feature built-in hard stops, photography lenses do not. On the Focus you can tune the lens to match the end-points of any lens you want to use. Because it uses a brushless motor, the onboard processor knows exactly which position the motor is in, letting you set up in seconds simply by turning the lens to infinite and marking it, then repeating at the other end. The wheel is adjustable so that it can be tightened or loosened as needed. The white mark able ring is removable and customizable so it can be marked for different project or lenses. Other features like an OLED display, rosette mount, rechargeable battery and hard carry case make this an easy to use and powerful package.


  • Operating Frequency 2.415-2.473 GHz

  • Max. Transmission Distance 100 m (out and unobstructed)

  • Transmitter Power 14 dBm

  • Operating Temperature Range -20 C to 55 C

  • Remote Controller weight 745 g, dimensions 153 x 86 x 90 mm

  • Battery FB01-554461 LiPo, capacity 1700 mAh ,6.29 Wh.  Voltage: 3.7

  • V Motor weight 170 g Dimensions 90 x 50 x 26 mm Max. Torque 0.35 Nm

  • Max. Speed 192 rpm

  • Working Current: Static current: 80 mA (@12 V),  Stall current: 2 A (@12 V), Working Voltage 9-16 V Noise.


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