DJI F450 Flame Wheel Ready To Fly Quadcopter

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DJI F450 Flame Wheel Naza GPS Pre built Ready To Fly kit

The DJI F450 Flame Wheel GPS Naza Ready To Fly Kit is supplied with a Futaba T8J radio control system with the S-Bus enabled full range R2008SB receiver, a powerful 50W LiPo charger and 3200 mAh LiPo battery. This is all you need to fly in one pre-build RTF kit.

This is one of the most popular and easiest to fly QuadCopter with the class leading GPS Naza Flight Controller from DJI Innovations, it can be used for aerial photography, entertainment, FPV (First Person View) flights and other aero modelling activities from the box!.


The F450 Flame Wheel QuadCopter:

 The DJI F450 Flame Wheel frames are built from very strong materials, the arms are made from the ultra strong PA66+30GF material which provides better resistance to damage on hard landings, while the main frame plates use a high strength compound PCB material, which makes wiring of the ESC's and the LiPo battery more tidy and safe on the lower of the two frame plates which is also the power distribution board.

The overall frame design of the F450 Flame Wheel frame provides enough space when assembled to fit the GPS Naza Flight Control systems between the top and bottom plates of the Flame Wheel while still allowing enough additional space to add a video transmitter or other systems to the frame for FPV use. The arms supplied in the kit are 2 different colours, 2 red and 2 white to allow for improved visual orientation in flight.

The GPS Naza Flight Controller:

The DJI GPS Naza is the outstanding flight controller from DJI Innovations. The NAZA GPS has RTH (Return-To-Home); IOC (Intelligent Orientation Control) and Low Battery warning (please see the full features and functions list on the GPS NAZA product page for additional information on the features and functions). The DJI GPS Naza Flight Controller is an all-in-one lightweight multi-axis control platform specially designed for multi rotor QuadCopters with the aero model hobbyists in mind. The module integrates all of the controller, gyroscope, accelerometer and a barometer for altitude and position hold all in the one small box located at the centre of the F450 Flame Wheel. There is a two-level low voltage protection system built in to the Naza system; the first is a low voltage LED alarm while the second is an automatic landing, saving expensive repair bills!

The DJI GPS Naza flight controller is different from the DJI Wookong M WKM which is designed for heavy payloads and aerial photography, however the outstanding flight stability and manoeuvrability of the DJI GPS Naza Flight Controller is inherited from the WKM's outstanding flight control algorithms, this means the hobbyists can have access to the very best flight experience and the advanced control algorithm seen on the DJI Wookong M WKM for a much lower price.

The Futaba T8J RC System:

The supplied Futaba T8J with S-Bus enabled full range R2008SB receiver is an easy to use 8 channel RC Radio system. The radio system comes fully programmed ready for flight, with all settings pre-programmed for Home Lock, Corse Lock, GPS Position Hold, Altitude Hold and Return To Home Fail Safe setting in the event of the QuadCopter going beyond the range of the radio, the only setting you will need to adjust is the compass calibration, this has to be carried out at a location close to the place which the QuadCopter will be flown, however it takes about 30 seconds to do and is little more than flicking a switch 10 times to enter the compass calibration mode.

The Futaba T8J is the perfect radio to use with the DJI GPS Naza Flight Controller as it takes full advantage of the Futaba S-Bus system, this means that there is a very tidy installation over and above other non S-Bus systems like the Spektrum DX8 using an AR8000 receiver, this means you only have one wire for all communications with the Naza Flight Controller from the 8J and R2008GS receiver. The Futaba J8 has 2 three position switches which allows for all features of the GPS Naza to be used, including the fail safe on loss of signal to Return To Home and land automatically.

The Battery Charger:

The SKY RC IMAX E6650 50W LiPo Battery Charger is the high performance charger supplied in the kit has a large, clear backlit LCD for easy set-up and use and is very compact, which means that it can be used at either the flight field from a 10 to 18V DC supply (cable included) or in the home with the supplied mains AC cable, AC input is between 100 - 240V. This charger is not just a LiPo charger it has the additional features of a discharger and balancer and can deliver up to 6.0 Amps of charging power for Li-Po, Li-Fe, Ni-Cd, Ni-MH, Li-Ion and Lead Acid batteries. The charger is supplied with the matching balance ports for the LiPo battery in this kit, there is a port for an optional temperature sensor to monitor the battery while on charge.

The Lipo Battery: 

The Hi-Energy Ultra 3 Cell 3S 3200 mAh 25C Li-Po battery delivers great performance for every day flights & most sports applications and is matched to the DJI F450 Flame Wheel DJI GPS Naza Ready To Fly Kit. The main power leads fitted to the LiPo pack are matched to the maximum discharge current that the LiPo is capable of. The main battery leads come fitted with the “Deans” style connector to match the F450 Flame Wheel and battery charger power connectors.

The DJI F450 Flame Wheel GPS Naza Ready To Fly kit includes these parts:


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