DJI E300, E310 & E305 9450 Self Tightening Propellers Grey 9450

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The DJI E300, E310 & E305 9450 Thrust Boosted Self Tightening Grey Propellers are the self tightening propeller set for use with the DJI E310 tuned propulsion systems & E305 tuned propulsion systems, the 9450 set includes 1 x CW and 1 x CCW 9.4 x 5 self-tightening propellers. The motors from these systems have the correct thread types to fit the self tightening 9450 propellers. Please note if you don't have these motors, these propellers will not work, they have to have the CW and CCW threads on the motors.

The 9450 propellers have low vibration & a low inertia which means that the flight responce is crisp and there is no vibration effects found on video footage. The impoved design and profile of these propellers allows for an increase in lift, an extra 100g over the original 9443 props. The increase in lift means that there are longer flight times to be found, most users report up to an additional 2 minutes from just changing to these propellers on their current setups.

dji-e310-e305-9450-self-tightening-grey-propellers dji-e300-e310-e305-9450-self-tightening-propellers-grey

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