DJI E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System Upgrade Kit For S900

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DJI E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System Upgrade Kit For S900

The DJI Spreading Wings S900 Hexacopter system can be upgraded with the DJI E1200 Pro Tuned Propulsion System Upgrade Kit, this upgrade to the S900 will allow for enhanced efficiency, security and endurance from the powertrain. The design of the E1200 system provides effective protection on the internal mechanisms while making the assembly and configuration more convenient.

The E1200 upgrade system features the 1760 Z-Blade 17-inch foldable propellers, these propellers are made from an advanced carbon fiber reinforced polymer, which means there is a reduction in rotational inertia and enhances the rigidity. Using the E1200 system will also allow for higher altitude operation, the E1200 will add an additional 2000 meters to the take-off altitude over the S900's original motors, propellers and ESC's.

The DJI 4216 motors provide efficient heat dissipation to improve the endurance and reliability of the system. The 4216 motors have a built-in centrifugal fan provides, this active cooling is for both the ESC and the motor. The grid shaped structure in the top of the motor allows for adequate ventilation while keeping dust and other debris out of the internal workings of the motor and ESC. The dissipation surface area of the integrated base plate has been enlarged by 200-300%, this offers a greatly enhanced passive cooling feature of the system. Using the sine wave ESC technology, conducting flights even in the harshest environments, the system delivers the very best in performance. The Smart ESC's feature the sinusoidal drive, which provides greater efficiency and more agile dynamic response. The use of high visibility LED indicators on the ESC’s provides real-time motor status information and enhances flight safety through clear orientation. The colour of the LED can be changed with an optional ESC programmer.

Supplied in the E1200 kit:

  • Frame Arm Clockwise ×1

  • Frame Arm Counter-Clockwise ×1

  • Screws for arms (M3×14 hexagon)

  • Screws for foldable propellers (M3×12.5 hexagon)

  • Screws for propeller mount cover (M3×8)

  • Screws for motor base mount (M3×12 hexagon)

  • Soft dampers, Propeller washers

Please note that you will require 3 of these kits to upgrade the S900 airframe.


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