Direct Drone Repair

When you have had a drone crash and you need a drone repair, the Direct Drone Repair team will get you flying again in the shortest possible time.

The Direct Drone Repair team has a combined knowledge of more than 40 years and extensive experience in drone repair, building, maintaining and flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles and drones, so when you need your drone repaired you can be confident that you and your drone / UAV will be given the best support, advice and repair service.

All drone and UAV’s repairs are carried out using only genuine original parts from the manufacturer which will come with a one year warranty against manufacturing defects from the date of the repair, we also warranty the repair labour for 90 days from the date of the drone repair.

With the rapid adoption and growth in the number of drones and UAV’s in operation, both the hobby and commercial sectors drones are becoming easier to operate and more complex to repair and maintain. It’s no longer a need, having your drone or UAV repaired and serviced by highly skilled people who know and understand the technology is now a must have.

About Us:

The Direct Drone Repairs website is a break out micro website which has been created by Build Your Own Drone to deliver a professional and rapid direct drone repair service to new and existing customers from both the hobby and professional arenas. Over 95% of the drone repairs carried out are completed within 3-5 working days and don’t require the endless wait and additional costs associated with sending back your drone to DJI for repair, which can be upward of a 4-week wait.

The team behind Direct Drone Repairs is highly skilled, with a combined total of over 40 years of UAV knowledge; you can be sure we understand how best to advise and support you when you need your drone repaired. Between the team, they hold commercial experience and the industry recognised RPQ-s qualification for commercial operation.

While we carry out repairs to many makes of drones, we specialise in drone repair for the entire DJI range of products, Build Your own Drone have been a Tier 1 dealer for DJI products for over 5 years now, one of the longest running dealers in the UK, which means that you can count on us for the highest levels of customer service, workmanship, support and advice along with all of the benefits found dealing with a manufacturer approved Tier 1 dealer.


What We Do:

Direct Drone Repairs acts very much like a Doctor for Drones & UAV's after a crash; we will conduct our four stage procedure for a complete check and report on your drone: 

Stage one: Consultation, we will gather all information on the system’s history to build an understanding of the events leading up to the caused the drone crash; we do this using our guided fault finding process.

Stage two: Diagnostics, using the information gained a full check over the system is conducted to find the concern and cause of the drone crash. We report back our findings to you and gain your authorization to proceed.

Stage three: Repair or replace, after the part(s) have been diagnosed as unserviceable they are repaired or replaced as required by one of Direct Drone Repair team.

Stage four: Verification, when the drone has passed the multiple bench and ground checks it will be test flown to confirm that the repair has been concluded and the drone is fully operational. If the drone passes all tests then it’s ready to be signed off for dispatch back to you. The drone repair will only be signed off as completed when we have tested all functions fully, which means you have total peace of mind that your drone is as good as the first day you took delivery of it.


At Direct Drone Repair we provide a number of fixed cost repairs and services, these are for the most common drone crash repairs seen over the past 5 years. Our clear price structure means that the cost of a repair or service is transparent and the cost you see is the price you pay. Simply use the contact us form and outline the craft that needs repairing, the fault with it and your contact details so we can get back to you.



How do I get my drone repaired?

This is a very simple process; all you need to do is send your system to us with the drone crash report form, we manage all aspects of the repair and keep you updated.

What do you charge to repair a crashed drone?

We charge for the drone diagnosis where there is not a clear point of failure, this is £65.00, however, we have a number of fixed price repairs, and if the drone falls into one of these then the consultation charge is absorbed into this cost so you would only pay the fixed cost repair price.

Can I send my drone in for a service; I have not crashed my drone?

Yes, we don’t just repair crashed drone we also service and maintain them to make sure they are in airworthy condition. Prices start from £65.00 to carry out a service.

What happens if you can’t repair my crashed drone?

All drones can be repaired; however sometimes the cost can start to outweigh the benefits of a replacement system, and this is where the years of experience we hold will help you make an informed decision on repair or replacement. If you opt for replacement we will refund 50% of your consultation charge against the new drone.

What happens if I don’t want to have my drone repaired after I know what’s needed?

You would only pay the diagnosis fee of £65.00 and the drone can be returned to you.

How much will it cost to have my drone repaired?

Not all drones are crashed equal, which means the repair cost for each drone can change depending on the damage.

How much will I pay to have my drone shipped back to me?

We charge a flat fee for returning your drone after repair; in the UK it is £9.99 for any repairs under £100. Repairs over £100 will be returned to you without a postage charge.

I need a drone building, can you help?

We can help you, please let us know what you need doing and we can give you advice and costings to do the drone build.

Are there any crashed drones you will not repair?

We do not undertake repair work on water damaged systems, after years of seeing the damage caused to internal components by water damage we recommend they are retired from service on safety grounds.

I crashed my drone, I damaged the gimbal. Can you help?

There are some parts which we are unable to repair, these will have to be returned to the manufacturer, the gimbals used on the Inspire 1, Phantom range including the Vision, Vision+, Phantom 3 and Zemuse z15 cameras gimbals are not repairable by us. We have to ship these to DJI for repair. However we handle the returns process in house meaning that you don’t have to do anything more than ship to us, the cost of shipping back to DJI is lower with us as we have shipments leaving every week.

I have a question and can’t find the answer, can you help?

If you can’t find the answer here or have a question about a repair please contact us for further assistance.