AttoPilot v3.0 AHRS IMU Upgrade

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The 6DOF AHRS IMU is the newest AttoPilot system on the market, the hermetic enclosure keeps internal components clean, prevents water condensation from affecting sensitive analog components, and physically protects the working PCBs. Four mounting holes and high vibration resistance make installation easy. There is typically no need for foam padding.

Sophisticated in design and rich in features but still easy to use from the hobbyist to the demanding professional. With a hyper threaded 32 bit processor running at 160 MIPS AttoPilot brings the functionality of high end autopilots within reach and scalability for the future.



Specifications and Features:

  • Fast Dynamic Response

  • High Vibration Resistance

  • Extensive Temperature Compensation

  • Hermetically Sealed

  • -30 to +75 C Operating Range

  • Rate Gyro ± 300°/s

  • Accelerometer ± 11 G

  • 341 Hz Internal Update Rate

IMU Model/Processor:

  • Repeat rate: Measure = 341 Hz

  • Repeat rate: Prediction sub-loop = 1364 Hz

  • 100% integer math in 32 bits (speed plus adequate precision level)

  • 120 MIPS across 6 interdependent processor cores. 7th core used for 2-way COMS with external hardware Custom IMU filter developed by AttoPilot LLC. Focus on efficiency, fast dynamic response, and accuracy in fixed wing aircraft

  • Centrifugal force corrections on pitch and roll

  • High vibration rejection (measure and insert quantitative specs)

  • 3D flight capable


  • 3-axis accelerometer

  • 3-axis rate gyro


  • Range +/- 11g

  • -3db bandwidth 23 Hz

  • Calibration range: -40 to +85 C

Rate Gyro:

  • Range +/- 300 deg/sec

  • -3db bandwidth 402 Hz

  • Uncorrected drift: 1 sigma = 0.04 deg/sec

  • Calibration range: -40 to +85 C

  • Latest MEMS sensors: ADXRS610 featuring dual MEMS sensors per axis to reject vibration

Corrections/Compensations (28):

  • (3) Gyro bias for temperature, 13 point interpolation

  • (6) Gyro inter-axis misalignment. < 0.06 degree error

  • (3) Gyro scale

  • (6) Accel bias and scaling for temperature, 11 point interpolation

  • (9) Gyro G-force corrections for bias. XYZ corrections each gyro

  • (1) Processor crystal temperature compensation for maximum numerical integration accuracy


  • Mass: 20 grams

  • Hermetically sealed

  • Baseplate 34mm x 34mm. Four Hole pattern 30mm x 30mm, diameter 2mm (5/64")

  • Enclosure 27mm x 27mm x 21mm


  • Voltage: 4.2 to 13.2 VDC

  • Current: 70mA

ESD Protection:

  • UART lines full transient voltage protection (+/- 15kV air, +/- 8kV contact)

  • Power supply transient clamp


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