Ardupilot Mega Minim OSD Rev 1.1

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ArduPilot Mega Minim Rev 1.1 OSD On Screen Display

The Minim OSD Rev. 1.1 is a minimal Arduino-based on-screen display board. It's tailored for use with
ArduPilot Mega 2.6 and the MAVlink protocol. It has been designed to be as compact as possible; the dimensions are just 0.7"W x 1.7"L (2.4" w/ pins as shown) x 0.3"H. The Minim comes with the pins soldered in place on the board.
The main components on the Minim OSD are an ATmega328P 8 bit micro controller with an Arduino boot loader and a MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display. Programming is done through an FTDI-compatible 6-pin header.
The MiniM OSD features two independent power and ground sections to isolate the OSD's analogue stage, there is a +5V section for the ATmega and the OSD's digital stage, powered through the FTDI cable or other +5V source; and a regulated +5V section for the OSD's analogue stage, powered through the video in / out header and capable of handling up to +12V input. Solder jumpers are available to combine the two power and ground sections if desired.
The latest updates to the Minim OSD allow a great number of customisations to the OSD system. The Minim OSD is now the easiest OSD to set-up and use out of all ArduCAM OSD's resources.
The MinimOSD-Extra project is here: Link

New features:


  • Enable and disable panels.

  • Positioning panels by drag or numeric input.

  • Save and load layouts from file.

  • Save and load layouts from board's EEPROM.

  • Test video mode switching with adaptive layout.

  • Update firmware.

  • Update character set.

  • Customize background picture.

  • Set grid on/off.

  • Changeable unit measurement (US, metric)

  • Airspeed

  • Home alt

  • Battery Percent

  • Current Draw

  • Time From Startup

  • OSD Menu

  • Variometer

  • Wind horizontal speed and direction, and also vertical wind speed (Vertical wind speed will be in next release)

  • OSD on/off

  • Switchable second screen

  • WP distance

  • WP heading

  • Warning messages for Lost GPS fix, Stall, Over speed, battery volt, battery Percent, RSSI

  • Efficiency, glide distance & thermic notify. 3 in one panel (Will be in next release)

  • OSD Brightness (Will be in next release)

  • HAM Call Sign (Will be in next release)


Test the layout with telemetry logs from Mission Planner.



  • ATmega328P with Arduino boot loader.

  • MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display.

  • FTDI cable compatible pin out.

  • Standard 6-pin ISP header.

  • Two independent power sections with an LED indicator on each.

  • Solder jumpers for combining the power sections.

  • +5V 500mA regulator for up to +12V supply input.

  • Solder jumper for PAL video option.

  • Exposed test points for HSYNC and LOS.

  • Dimensions: 0.7"W x 1.7"L (2.4" w/ pins as shown) x 0.3"H.



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