ArduCopter 3DR Hexacopter Full Kit

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ArduCopter 3DR HexaCopter multi rotor - UAV development platform.

This is the HexaCopter kit designed and manufactured by 3D Robotics, it's based on the ArduCopter 3DR multi rotor quad. The HexaCopter has additional lifting capacity, the two extra motors means that this HexaCopter can lift a little over 1kg!

The power distribution board still mounts neatly between the base plates, however the access to the PDB is made easier as this HexaCopter frame has thumbnuts that easily unscrew to remove the stack-up. This lets you attach and remove the APM more easily.

The frame is designed to fit both the APM1.0 and 2.0 with screw holes to fit the ArduPilot Mega in the + mode.

If you are looking to add a sonar to this frame you will need one of the ArduCopter 3DR HexaCopter Sonar Mount

Lifting tests were performed with the following results:

Frame Weight: 1356.3g

Battery Weight (4S 5000mAh): 534.0g

Misc. Payload: 533.7g

All-Up Weight: 2424g

Flight Time in Hover: 12:10

Over 24 minutes endurance is possible in this configuration! (Using Misc Payload for a second battery)


Frame Weight: 1356.3g

Battery Weight (4S 5000mAh): 534.0g

Misc. Payload: 843.7g

All-Up Weight: 2734g

Flight Time in Hover: 10:00


Maximum Take-Off Weight Test Performed at 3190g

Please note: weights and flight time tests are manufactures figures.

ArduCopter multi rotor Hexacopter 3DR KIT Contains:

  • 2 Fiberglass Main frame boards

  • 6 Aluminium arms

  • 2 Fiberglass Carrier boards

  • Fiberglass Landing gear

  • Power distribution board, power cables and signal cables for PDB-APM

  • All hardware needed to assemble the components above

  • 6 motors (850kv)

  • 6 20A ESC's

  • 6 propellers (10x47)

  • ArduPilot Mega 2560, Oil Pan, GPS, Magnetometer, assorted cables and connectors


You can find more information about development status and more:

DIY Drones main site



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