Desire Power 6S LiPo Battery 20000 mAh 25C

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Excl. VAT: £225.00 Incl. VAT: £270.00
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Desire Power 6S LiPo Battery 20000 mAh 25C 22.2V 6 Cell

This 6 Cell 6S 20000 mAh 25C Li-Pobattery from the Desire V8 series is great value for money; it delivers great performance for every day flights & is really good for heavy lift Multi Rotors like the DJI S1000+.

The Desire LiPo battery packs are manufactured from carefully chosen individual LiPo cells which have all been tested to have matched voltage and IR before being assembled. The Desire LiPo battery packs are re-checked after an aging process before the final quality inspection is carried out. Only after the Lipo batteries have passed through the strict quality control procedures will it be shipped. This quality control process ensures that the cells in the pack stay in a reasonable balance during the discharge cycle. The main advantage of the cells discharging at the same rate is a better overall performance and longer flight times from the LiPo battery, if the cells are at the same voltage after discharging it will make the re-charge cycle faster and it helps to extend the LiPo pack life for more charges.

The main power leads fitted to each LiPo pack are matched to the maximum discharge current that the LiPo is capable of. The main battery leads come fitted with the AS150 style connector; this is a popular choice by many manufacturers. If you need to use any other style of battery connector the AS150 connector can be replaced with one of your choice when you take delivery of the battery. The balance lead used while charging is battery is the XH type; this is a connector that will work with most battery chargers.

Lithium batteries above 100Wh or having any individual cell above 20Wh, cannot be shipped by air.


  • Weight: 2492 grams.

  • Continuous Discharge: 25C (500 Amps).

  • Burst Discharge: 50C (1000 Amps).

  • Voltage: 22.2 Volt.

  • Dimensions: 171 x 71 x 97 mm.

  • Pack Configuration: 6S2P.

  • Max Charge rate: 5C (50 Amps).


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